Beware: Here Is What Resetting Of The Clock Does To Your Body!

Regardless of that you can stay longer in the bed, try to get up at the same time, before resetting the clock, as this will keep the rhythm.

Beware Here Is What Resetting Of The Clock Does To Your Body!

Moving the clock for daylight saving time usually brings a lack of sleep and fatigue. It is scientifically proven that when moving the clock forward one hour and one hour of sleep loss increases the risk of heart attack for 25 percent for the following Monday compared to other Mondays in the year.

Here are some problems that you can experience:

– Cold: When your body needs sleep, it is naturally preparing for rest, which means that it cools. If you notice that your teeth chatter, with no apparent reason, then you are probably missing sleep.

– Poor concentration: The data indicate that the number of traffic accidents increased just a week after the transition to daylight saving time. It is always good to wake up before you get behind the wheel.

– Mental health: Lack of sleep is associated with depression. Studies have shown that after moving the hour even the rate of suicides increases, since these changes can disrupt the biological clock and worsen the symptoms of mental health problems.

Here’s how to quickly return to normal sleep patterns:

– Do not compensate: No matter what you may long remain in bed, try to get up at the same time, and before moving the hour, as this will keep the rhythm.

– Navigate: Fresh air and natural light are a natural way to wake up. Even a very short morning walk will be very useful.

– If you cannot sleep, read a book in bed or listen to some music to relax. You will probably be tempted to surf the Internet or typing on your mobile phone, but it is scientifically proven that light of the screens disturbs sleep and melatonin.

– Experts say that the last coffee of the day you can drink at least six hours before bedtime, because you otherwise can disturb sleep.

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