Incredible! Spice That Melts the Pounds!

The study included 88 overweight women.

Incredible! Spice That Melts the Pounds!

Scientists from the Institute of Medical Sciences in Iran found that people, who eat a teaspoon of ground cumin every day, lose weight three times faster than people who are on a diet, but do not consume the spice.

The study included 88 overweight women. All the women during the study reduced daily calorie intake by 500 and followed advices on healthy eating.

However, half of the respondents had 3 grams of cumin powder in their daily meals, mixed with low-fat and sugar-free yogurt.

After three months, the group that consumed cumin lost more weight. On average they lost 3.5 pounds more than the women who did not consume cumin. In addition, as much as 14 percent of them had reduced levels of fat in the body.

Women who did not consumed cumin lost about 12 pounds and the fat content dropped by 4.9 percent.

This spice has helped significantly lower the level of bad cholesterol. Scientists explain this effect because the cumin contains plenty fitosferola, which have the ability to absorb cholesterol, and contains substances that speed up the metabolism.

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