Urinating For More Than 7 Seconds? You May Have A Serious Problem!

– The urinary bladder of an adult can withstand 300 to 500 ml of urine.

Four important things that you must know about the urine, if you want to keep your health:


  1. Most people urinate seven times a day

Of course, it depends on the amount of ingested foods and drinks, so small deviations are not a big problem, says Benjamin Braker, an urologist at the Medical University of New York.

  1. Healthy person should urinate seven seconds

It depends from person to person, but if your pee only for two seconds, even if you are really fast, you probably have an infection – Braker said, adding that in this case it is best to consult a doctor.

  1. Urinary bladder of an adult can withstand 300 to 500 ml of urine

Believe it or not, the size of the man plays no role for the size of the bladder. This body part is more or less the same in all people. If you ever wondered how it is measured in cups – it is 7 to 11 cups.

  1. The color of the urine says a lot about your health

Transparent: The body looks very hydrated, which is great news. Although you may be exaggerating with the intake of water.

Pale yellowish: Drink plenty of water. Keep it up.

Dark Yellow: When the color is darker, it means you’re dehydrated. If you have reached the stage of honey color, start drinking water faster and in greater quantity.

Brown: You may have blood in the urine, or a serious infection of the liver.

Red or pink: This is a sign that your urine has fresh blood, which could potentially mean that your body is going through something serious (possible cancer or kidney stones), if you haven’t drank colored drinks such as beet juice for example.

Blue, green, orange or any other color, it is unlikely that this is a consequence of the introduction of colored groceries. It has to be consequences of supplements or possibly artificial food dyes.

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