How Matcha Tea Will Change Your Life

The Matcha tea surprised the world. With a good reason it’s became really popular with its traditional ritual setting.

How Matcha Tea Will Change Your Life

Matcha was found in China around 10th century, and around 12th century it was a mail element in the Japanese tea ceremonies. Matcha is a great tea because of its great health possessions and the different flavor and texture. Matcha is coming from Tehcna leaf, with are growing in southern half of Japan. This is re-stemmed, de-vined and stone ground, and it’s great for this dark green powder.

This tea is preparing traditionally in ceremonials called “Chanoyu”. They are putting the powder in a hand painted bowl together with warm water, and they are mixing it with bamboo whisk. The tea can be made in two different methods, Usucha and Koicha. We can see Usucha in cafes and restaurants, and it is thin tea. Koicha is thick tea and it’s coming from the highest grade of matcha.


Find Out Why Elderberry Flower Juice Is A Liquid Treasure + Recipe!

It is the season for harvesting elderberries, and it is known that the syrup from its flowers is a real liquid treasure, so hurry up with the reading because they are short-lived.

Find Out Why Elderberry Flower Juice Is A Liquid Treasure + Recipe!

Elderberry is used for colds, flu, swollen sinuses, bronchitis, diabetes, constipation, asthma and allergies, weakened immunity.

We bring you a recipe for elderberry juice.


Pick 30 elderberry flowers, but make sure the flowers are clean. Immerse them in 3 liters of water and leave them for 24 hours. After that, remove the flowers from the water and strain them through cheesecloth.

In the strained liquid, add 6.6 pounds of sugar and 1.5 teaspoons of citric acid. Stir until you sugar is dissolved and transfer it into clean jars.

Remember, the elderberry is one of the most healing plants; there are more than thirty species. The most important are black and red elderberry and the most commonly used is black elderberry.

Elderberry flowers have healing properties and are rich in glycosides, tannins, flavonoids, carotenes and vitamin C.

Vitamin B12: The Most Important Nutrient You Aren’t Thinking About

You need to ingest enough vitamin B12 which is very important for you. Maybe you are not thinking of it at all. One of the reasons why you don’t think about it is that the human inclines to fall in and out of love with one particular nutrient at a time (like vitamin C, beta carotene, lycopene, etc.), and vitamin B12 isn’t an exception. Maybe you are not able to think of it due the lack of vitamin B12 can enclose the ability of clear thinking.


What is Vitamin B12 and why is it so essential?

Vitamin B12 is an organic ingredient which includes carbons (in opposite of minerals which are not organic). It is vital for the metabolic function and health. Like every other vitamin, B12 has a many different roles in your metabolism. The vitamin B12 has the following important effects on your health:

  1. It is vital for the generation of red blood cells; a lack of vitamin B12 results in a characteristics similar of anemia.
  2. It is necessary for upholding the proper function of nerve cells, and for creating myelin which is the insulating material that surrounds some of the nerve cells and enhances neural transmission.
  3. This vitamin is needed in replication of DNA.

All of these effects are very important, but the third one is the most important. In case of B12 deficiency, the DNA is not able to replicate properly, which means that we couldn’t create new, healthy cells. Vitamin B12 deficiency can result in imitating the effects of aging.

Manifestations of Vitamin B12 Deficiency:

Usual expressions of vitamin B12 deficiency are haziness and tingling, weakness, fatigue, dizziness, inflating and irritation of the mouth and tongue and hot temper. Anemia can expand, but with increased consumption of folate, the deficiency of B12 will be indemnified and anemia will be disabled.

The most serious expression of B12 deficiency is improper brain function, because the nerve cells are requiring vitamin B12 for proper function. Progressive B12 deficiency can lead to dementia harmful enough to look like Alzheimer’s diseases. The dementia is appearing because of vitamin B12 deficiency and it is not reversible with supplementation. The anemia can be prevented with folate, but for dementia only B12 can make the things right.

Difficulties with Vitamin B12 absorption:

Vitamin B12 is included in animal foods and fortified grains, which makes is problematic for the vegetarians. But the unique way the B12 is absorbed is the most important cause of deficiency. In order to get in the bloodstream, this vitamin needs to be transported by a protein known as Intrinsic factor, created into the cells of the stomach. Different disarrays in the stomach, like gastritis, usually after the age of 50, are related with the generation of Intrinsic factor. This health condition is known as a pernicious anemia.

Some medications that are having impact on the stomach, like aspirin, antacids and proton-pump inhibitors can be related with intrinsic factor generation and lead in B12 shortage. The usual diabetes medication, metformin (Glucophage), is able to do so as well.

Treatment options:

For a garden-kind of B12 shortage because of improper consumption of food or supplements, oral supplementation can make the things right. In case of pernicious anemia, oral consumption of B12 will not be successful because of the deficiency of intrinsic factor which will block the absorption. Your doctor needs to give you B12 injections for successful treating.

Sometimes the genetic mutations can obstruct the ability for metabolizing B12. Then you will need to use the active form known as methylcobalamin, in place of more usual cyanocobalamin.

The health-care professionals are checking for B12 shortage, especially in patients older than 50 with possible symptoms. The health care will function best when the patient and the clinician are cooperating together.

If you have feeling that yours or someone else’s levels of B12 are low you should ask your doctor for advice, because this vitamin is very important for your health.


The First Symptoms of Cancer Appear on the Hands

The first symptoms of possible cancer are manifesting in the hands, according to few British experts in medicine.


The patient will have more chances to beat this disease, if the symptoms are noticed on time.

According to the doctors the individuals with malignant ailments are having bloating and crude hands more often and are as well as gaining extra weight.

The differences are not significant, but they can be noticed.

The experts are saying that we must understand these symptoms very seriously, because due to these symptoms, different changes can happen which can affect your overall health.


What’s the Difference Between 6 and 8 Hours Of Sleep!

“Insufficient sleep is the same as if you had driven your car for days on holes” – explains Dr. Ebrahim Ishaad. “The longer the driving holes, the more damage to the vehicle. This happens with your body while continuously depriving it of sleep. ”

Whats the Difference Between 6 and 8 Hours Of Sleep!


Insufficient sleep is reflected on the skin appearance and mental state, according to the latest experiment of London scientists.

Sarah Chalmers decided to participate in an experiment from London University who studies sleep and sleep as a factor that influences the looks of the skin.

Before the experiment, Sarah underwent tests and scans on the skin of her face.

This 46-year-old woman thinks that she looks older than she really is. She has expressed facial pores, dark circles around the eyes and skin without shine. Despite all this, she noticed numerous spots which appeared on her chin.

Also, Sarah noticed that lately she is anxious, a little unhappy and forgotten, and that the sole reason – for days she has been sleeping less than six hours, which is two hours less than the recommended eight hours.

For the insufficient sleep she finds responsible the numerous labor and domestic responsibilities (three children), as is the case with most women nowadays.

Although eight hours of sleep is s recommended norm, the more people both in Britain and around the world, sleep five to six hours.

“I guess only one hour less sleep can so adversely affects my concentration, attention and memory, but also the look of my skin and immunity,” – said Sarah.

Sara after an eight-hour sleep:


Sarah after six hours of sleep:


She believes that this experiment was very enlightening for her.

Improved Vision with the Bionic Lens – A Method Better Than Laser Vision Correction

According to Dr. Garth Webb, a Doctor of Optometry from Canada, who invented the so-called “Bionic lens”, people can finally see better.

Improved Vision with the Bionic Lens - A Method Better Than Laser Vision Correction

The Bionic lens will have to be incorporated in the human eye. This amazing discovery in medicine is the result of 8 years of research, worth about $ 3 million. With the incorporation of the bionic lens 3 times better vision is guaranteed without taking into account the age of the individual.

The procedure for incorporating the bionic lens in the eye is painless and does not take more than ten minutes, and the results are immediately visible. For this procedure is said to resemble a cataract surgery (eye cataracts), and anesthesia and a hospital stay is not required.

Unlike laser surgery, fitting of the bionic lens is very safe and does not cause further complications such as vision problems when driving at night or when exposed to the eyes of strong, blinding light.

The process of installation actually consists of replacing the natural lens in the eye that is prone to degradation with new bionic lenses.


The bionic lens does not cause cataracts or headaches and does not decompose over time no matter how long you use them. It is about the high tech technology that is safe, long lasting and most effective.

Drink A Cup Of This Beverage Daily and Get Rid Of the Abdomen Fat

Summer is dangerously close, and you are not satisfied with your figure?

Drink A Cup Of This Beverage Daily and Get Rid Of the Abdomen Fat

Try these beverage for which many women claim that it helped them attenuate the waist an inch a day.

The beverage removes excess fat and water from the body. At the same time improves brain function, vision and memory.


– 1 teaspoon of honey

– 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar

– 1 cup freshly squeezed grapefruit juice

Place all the ingredients in a blender and mix them well.

Take the beverage before lunch or dinner seven days and then take a break for seven days. If necessary, the treatment can be repeated.

If you are not a fan of grapefruit, you can replace it with orange.

Only 2 Ingredients: First, the Black Circles under the Eyes Disappear, and Afterwards the Entire Body Starts to Glow (RECIPE)

These two ingredients together are cleansing the body and are also able to improve your immune system significantly.


You are probably aware of the amazing health benefits of the olive oil, but if you combine it with lemon juice you will enhance its power against viruses and bacteria and you will also provide a boost of energy for your body.

This mixture will effectively cleanse your organism from toxins which will be noticeable immediately. At the beginning you will notice that black circles around your eyes will be gone. Consume this mixture every morning for a whole month. You just need to be patient.


Combine one spoon of olive oil and one spoon of lemon juice. Consume this mixture first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Then you can eat the most important meal of the day-your breakfast. Not only your energy will be restored and toxins will be cleansed, but your digestion system will be bettered which will be helpful if you are planning to lose some extra weight.

If you are suffering from any digestion issues like constipation, this mixture is perfect for treating these kinds of conditions. Only after few days of using you will notice the benefits which will motivate you to take some other steps towards healthier lifestyle.


House Of The Future: This Is How We Are Going To Live In A Few Years! (VIDEO)

Living Tomorrow is a company that brings innovative ideas in home furnishing.

House Of The Future This Is How We Are Going To Live In A Few Years! (VIDEO)

Have you ever wondered what a house of the future might look like? This is one possible version!

Watch the video:

Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Stomach Ache: Area-Map That Discovers What May Be Bothering You

The stomach itself covers a larger part of our middle section of the body and stomach pain can be caused from many reasons – starting with moderate to serious ones. For better knowing of the conceivable impacts should recognize the exact spot of pain.

Stomach Ache Area-Map That Discovers What May Be Bothering You

Stomach torment is a standout amongst the most well-known distresses which 90% of individuals experience. Here and there the pain alarms us however serious pain doesn’t need to imply that the reason of pain is serious and the other way around – mellow yet long haul pains may mean ceaseless agony which must be dealt with.

Experiencing stomach pain, in any part/area, which endures longer than 2 weeks, visit the specialist to avoid serious diagnosis. The purpose behind visiting the doctor can be because of long period of bloating, delayed vomiting, loose bowels and blood in the discharge.

Stomach agony is a sort of torment which is felt in the middle section of the body between the breasts and groin. The stomach takes a large area of the body and it is expected to locate your agonizing spot in order to distinguish its meaning.

Gallstones, provocative of the pee tract, obstruction, lumbar hernia – slipped plate in the spine;

Pancreas irritation, early phase of reference section aggravation, stomach ulcer, umbilical hernia;

Gallstones, diverticular malady, stoppage, colon incendiary;

Index irritation, blockage, pelvic torment – gynecological issues (endometriosis, and so forth.), torment in the groin inguinal hernia;

Aggravation of the pee tract, informative supplement irritation, colon irritation, pelvic torment – gynecological issues, diverticular infection;

Diverticular malady, pelvic torment – gynecological issues, groin torment – inguinal hernia.

Less significant issues:

There are diverse foundations for torment and the less major issues are clogging as a consequence of terrible sustenance and no work out, no toleration on a nourishment, gastritis as an aftereffect of an excess of stomach acids, nourishment harming and stomach infections.