What’s the Difference Between 6 and 8 Hours Of Sleep!

“Insufficient sleep is the same as if you had driven your car for days on holes” – explains Dr. Ebrahim Ishaad. “The longer the driving holes, the more damage to the vehicle. This happens with your body while continuously depriving it of sleep. ”

Whats the Difference Between 6 and 8 Hours Of Sleep!


Insufficient sleep is reflected on the skin appearance and mental state, according to the latest experiment of London scientists.

Sarah Chalmers decided to participate in an experiment from London University who studies sleep and sleep as a factor that influences the looks of the skin.

Before the experiment, Sarah underwent tests and scans on the skin of her face.

This 46-year-old woman thinks that she looks older than she really is. She has expressed facial pores, dark circles around the eyes and skin without shine. Despite all this, she noticed numerous spots which appeared on her chin.

Also, Sarah noticed that lately she is anxious, a little unhappy and forgotten, and that the sole reason – for days she has been sleeping less than six hours, which is two hours less than the recommended eight hours.

For the insufficient sleep she finds responsible the numerous labor and domestic responsibilities (three children), as is the case with most women nowadays.

Although eight hours of sleep is s recommended norm, the more people both in Britain and around the world, sleep five to six hours.

“I guess only one hour less sleep can so adversely affects my concentration, attention and memory, but also the look of my skin and immunity,” – said Sarah.

Sara after an eight-hour sleep:


Sarah after six hours of sleep:


She believes that this experiment was very enlightening for her.

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