Vitamin B12: The Most Important Nutrient You Aren’t Thinking About

You need to ingest enough vitamin B12 which is very important for you. Maybe you are not thinking of it at all. One of the reasons why you don’t think about it is that the human inclines to fall in and out of love with one particular nutrient at a time (like vitamin C, beta carotene, lycopene, etc.), and vitamin B12 isn’t an exception. Maybe you are not able to think of it due the lack of vitamin B12 can enclose the ability of clear thinking.


What is Vitamin B12 and why is it so essential?

Vitamin B12 is an organic ingredient which includes carbons (in opposite of minerals which are not organic). It is vital for the metabolic function and health. Like every other vitamin, B12 has a many different roles in your metabolism. The vitamin B12 has the following important effects on your health:

  1. It is vital for the generation of red blood cells; a lack of vitamin B12 results in a characteristics similar of anemia.
  2. It is necessary for upholding the proper function of nerve cells, and for creating myelin which is the insulating material that surrounds some of the nerve cells and enhances neural transmission.
  3. This vitamin is needed in replication of DNA.

All of these effects are very important, but the third one is the most important. In case of B12 deficiency, the DNA is not able to replicate properly, which means that we couldn’t create new, healthy cells. Vitamin B12 deficiency can result in imitating the effects of aging.

Manifestations of Vitamin B12 Deficiency:

Usual expressions of vitamin B12 deficiency are haziness and tingling, weakness, fatigue, dizziness, inflating and irritation of the mouth and tongue and hot temper. Anemia can expand, but with increased consumption of folate, the deficiency of B12 will be indemnified and anemia will be disabled.

The most serious expression of B12 deficiency is improper brain function, because the nerve cells are requiring vitamin B12 for proper function. Progressive B12 deficiency can lead to dementia harmful enough to look like Alzheimer’s diseases. The dementia is appearing because of vitamin B12 deficiency and it is not reversible with supplementation. The anemia can be prevented with folate, but for dementia only B12 can make the things right.

Difficulties with Vitamin B12 absorption:

Vitamin B12 is included in animal foods and fortified grains, which makes is problematic for the vegetarians. But the unique way the B12 is absorbed is the most important cause of deficiency. In order to get in the bloodstream, this vitamin needs to be transported by a protein known as Intrinsic factor, created into the cells of the stomach. Different disarrays in the stomach, like gastritis, usually after the age of 50, are related with the generation of Intrinsic factor. This health condition is known as a pernicious anemia.

Some medications that are having impact on the stomach, like aspirin, antacids and proton-pump inhibitors can be related with intrinsic factor generation and lead in B12 shortage. The usual diabetes medication, metformin (Glucophage), is able to do so as well.

Treatment options:

For a garden-kind of B12 shortage because of improper consumption of food or supplements, oral supplementation can make the things right. In case of pernicious anemia, oral consumption of B12 will not be successful because of the deficiency of intrinsic factor which will block the absorption. Your doctor needs to give you B12 injections for successful treating.

Sometimes the genetic mutations can obstruct the ability for metabolizing B12. Then you will need to use the active form known as methylcobalamin, in place of more usual cyanocobalamin.

The health-care professionals are checking for B12 shortage, especially in patients older than 50 with possible symptoms. The health care will function best when the patient and the clinician are cooperating together.

If you have feeling that yours or someone else’s levels of B12 are low you should ask your doctor for advice, because this vitamin is very important for your health.


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