How Matcha Tea Will Change Your Life

The Matcha tea surprised the world. With a good reason it’s became really popular with its traditional ritual setting.

How Matcha Tea Will Change Your Life

Matcha was found in China around 10th century, and around 12th century it was a mail element in the Japanese tea ceremonies. Matcha is a great tea because of its great health possessions and the different flavor and texture. Matcha is coming from Tehcna leaf, with are growing in southern half of Japan. This is re-stemmed, de-vined and stone ground, and it’s great for this dark green powder.

This tea is preparing traditionally in ceremonials called “Chanoyu”. They are putting the powder in a hand painted bowl together with warm water, and they are mixing it with bamboo whisk. The tea can be made in two different methods, Usucha and Koicha. We can see Usucha in cafes and restaurants, and it is thin tea. Koicha is thick tea and it’s coming from the highest grade of matcha.


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