It Sounds Too Good To Be True – A New Drug Melted A Woman’s Tumor, But…

Most patients with the use of combination therapies come to a significant improvement, but in one patient (49) the tumor reacted really unexpectedly – completely disappeared in just three weeks!

It Sounds Too Good To Be True - A New Drug Melted A Woman’s Tumor, But...

There is always a fear how patients will respond to therapy, but these days the situation is totally different – namely, scientists are concerned that the new treatment against cancer is so effective that it could bring more harm than benefit to the body.

Clinical testing for the effect of the combination of existing drugs to cure the tumor in just three weeks. But scientists worry about the consequences of this treatment because the site of the tumor left a big gap.

This testing included 150 people, and scientists want to see if a drug works better alone or in combination with another drug. Most patients with the use of combination therapy led to significant improvement, but in one patient the tumor reacted really unexpected – it completely disappeared.

This patient, in the last four years was treated with chemotherapy and operations of melanoma that metastasized. Although several tumors were removed, the cancer was not stopping, and three months ago a big growth showed up under her left breast.

The woman received only one dose of the new drug cocktail, and when he returned three weeks after a new therapy, the doctors told them that under breast outgrowth completely disappeared.

They immediately took her to the CT scanner, which showed that the tumor completely eradicated, but left a big hole in its place.

This is not a problem in a particular patient, but experts are concerned, what happens with the tumors that are found on another body part such as for example, colon or heart. The consequences in this case would have been far more serious:

– Ironically but now the possibility to act medicine too well concerns us – report the scientists.

In testing were used known drug that treats melanoma – Yervoy and Opdivo, and that are acting by encouraging the immunity to fight cancerous cells.

Are You Smoking And Want To Clean The Lungs? Try This Miraculous Elixir!

Onions are especially effective in preventing various respiratory infections.

Are You Smoking And Want To Clean The Lungs Try This Miraculous Elixir!

Quitting smoking is certainly not one of the things that are easy to do. However, if you are ready for such a “radical” step, we suggest that you include the following foods in your daily diet!


The many benefits of the red and white onions are already widely known. These foods have anticancer property and are an excellent deterrent to many malignancies. Onions are especially effective in preventing various respiratory infections.


This eastern spice has been known for its miraculous healing action. Ginger is also essential for the discharge of accumulated secretions in the lungs due to smoking.


This amazing yellow spice is rich in vitamins and minerals, and contains mineral omega 3 fatty acids. Turmeric has antiviral, antibacterial and anti-cancer properties and is therefore highly desirable to include this spice in your daily diet.

Recipe for the miraculous elixir

For the miraculous elixir and cleaning of the lungs you will need the following ingredients:

  • 400 g onion,
  • 1 liter of water,
  • 400 g sugar,
  • 2 teaspoons turmeric,
  • Cleaned small sized ginger root.


In a pot cook the water with sugar. Clean the onion, cut it into quarters and add it with the grated ginger root (thumb-sized). Add turmeric and when it starts boiling, reduce the heat. Cook until the volume is reduced twice. Strain, place in a clean glass jar, and when it completely cools, place it in the refrigerator. Take two tablespoons in the morning (on empty stomach) and evening two hours before the last meal.

WARNING: Before you start consuming any natural remedy, consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Best 10 Ways to Reduce Your Pores

The pores are indispensable part of our life like family and taxes are. In this article you will learn how to deal with your large pores.

Best 10 Ways to Reduce Your Pores

Every men and women are experiencing problems with pimples at some stage of their life. Pimples are also called comedo. They are wide openings on the skin with black oddments that are covering the pores. In fact, comedo is widened hair follicle filled with oddments like keratin, bacteria and oil.

The sebum is ejected through the pores and lubricates the hair and the skin. When the pores are obstructed the sebum can’t be ejected, which will lead to bacteria generation in the pores. When the overproduction of oil in the skin will occur, the pimples will appear.

Here are the 10 tips to remove pores.

Oil-Free Cleanser

They are helpful in washing dirt and makeup. The natural moisture of your face will not be affected. Wash away with cold water and your pores will turn down.

Clay Mask

With the help of this mask you will be able to debar the water and oil from your skin, which will lead to shrinking your pores. The masks with bentonite and kaoline clay included are the best.

Natural Masks

Grab 2 eggs and mix them with 4 tablespoons of sugar, a several drops of acidic liquid. Mix it well. Put it on your face and leave it to work for 15 minutes. Wash away with cold water.

Skin Toners

The skin toners are making the skin even. They can help you with oily and shiny skin, disable breakouts and obstructed pores.


They are same as the toners, but are alcohol-based and are much powerful. They are advised for only highly durable and oily skin.

Skin Exfoliation

Put a cleanser on your face and gently rub it with a gritty scrub.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C boosts the generation of collagen and elastin.


This is very easy to do. You only need hot water, lemon juice, ice cubes and a washcloth. Put some hot water in a large container. After that you need to hold your face over the container for 5 minutes. Apply the lemon juice on the washcloth and put it on your face. Wash away with cold water. At the end massage your face with the ice cubes.

Do not keep Your Makeup on Overnight

When you keep the makeup on your face through the night, it will obstruct your pores and make your skin oily, which will lead to tarnishes and larger pores.


Drink more water and avoid the carbonated beverages. Consuming water will decrease the size of your pores and removes toxins from the body. The carbonated beverages are dangerous for your overall health.

With the help of these advices you will be able to get rid of your large pores.


Nine Signs That You Have A Hormonal Imbalance!

Follow the signs that your body sends you.

Nine Signs That You Have A Hormonal Imbalance!

It is important to follow the signs that your own body sends you. When you have a hormonal imbalance, the body usually sends these nine warning signs:

  1. You cannot lose weight

If you have a problem with their weight, and dieters are not necessarily how this diet does not fit. Perhaps the answer is in the hormonal disorder.

  1. Decline in libido

One of the most common causes disturbance in hormones in men and women.

  1. Feeling tired

Despite sufficient amounts of sleep you still feel tired? The constant feeling of fatigue is another sign of hormonal disorders.

  1. Bad mood
  2. Insomnia or interrupted sleep
  3. Excessive Sweating
  4. Problems with digestion
  5. Craving for sweets
  6. Hair loss

What Type of Butt You Have and What Does its Shape Reveal about You?

Check if this is really true…

There are four fundamental kinds of ladies butt and every one of them is wonderful in its own particular manner. With the assistance of suitable outfits you can emphasize its magnificence much more.

What Type of Butt You Have and What Does its Shape Reveal about You

Heart- Shaped Butt

This kind of butt has more thighs to emphasize and without a doubt it is the most wanted. For this kind of butt almost any kind of outfit and underpants is sufficient

Round- Shaped Butt

This shape of the butt is additionally connected with the shape of cherry or apple. The waist is in round form and fat, and also narrower than the butt. This is presumably the most widely recognized sort of ladies butt and each kind of underpants is sufficient for it, regular, G-string or boxer pants. These butts are simple to shape/form however very focus for sedimentation of fats as well.

V- Form of Butt

This kind of butt symbolized thin waist and voluminous hips. The butt itself is indeed most voluminous in the lower section of the back and afterward it is narrowing gradually. For this sort of butt normal/ classic underpants are prescribed.

Square -Shaped Butt

It is also known as “muscle butt” and it is characterized with approximately the same dimensions in width of the hips and the butt itself. This type is usually called “men`s structure”. It is really difficult to re-shape it and you need to make special, quite aggressive exercises and squats in order to change it.

Otherwise it is called “muscle butt” and it is described with roughly the same measurements in width of the hips and the butt. This butt is usually called “men`s structure”. It is truly hard for re-shaping, and if you want to change it you have to make exceptional, very forceful activities and squats.


Improve the Work Of The Liver And Renew the Intestinal Flora

This drink is great for digestion, also it reduces timidity of the stomach and it is a great ally for the proper functioning of the liver.

Improve the Work Of The Liver And Renew the Intestinal Flora


  1. Dissolve two tablespoons of honey in a glass of warm water. Stir it well and put into a large glass jar.
  2. In the jar add 2 tablespoons of kefir and a liter of milk.
  3. Stir and cover the jar with two-layered gauze.
  4. Place the jar in warm temperature to stand for 3 days.
  5. After three days, add a teaspoon of dry yeast. Stir again and then cover the jar with gauze.
  6. As soon as you notice that bubbles started popping in the jar, it means that the drink (Koumiss) is finished.

Place the jar in the fridge and drink half a cup half an hour before meals, three times a day, for at least two weeks.

This is an old and tested recipe that is made for centuries. It improves the process of digestion, it renews the intestinal flora and also removes harmful fermentation.

The stomach, intestines and the liver begin to function much better. It regenerates the microflora in the digestive tract.

Warning: This beverage contains a small amount of alcohol, so it is not recommended for drivers to drink before you get behind the wheel.

With Figs against Sand in the Kidneys

– Recipe:

With Figs against Sand in the Kidneys

Place 1 pound of figs in a meat grinder. Fresh figs are the best, but you can also use dried figs.

Add 1 tablespoon fresh cinnamon (Ceylon) powder in this mass.

Mix it well.

Use: one tablespoon of this mixture three times a day before meals. This mixture eliminates the sand from the kidneys.

Before you start using folk medicine, consult with your doctor!