This Is How Avocado Can Help You Reach 100

According to recent studies, avocado may be the perfect weapon in the fight against premature aging and disease. Oils from this fruit proved to be highly efficient in battling free radicals, which are the main causes of heart disease and cancer.

Many ingredients that contain antioxidants in vegetables and fruits such as carrots and tomatoes can help solve the problem of free radicals, but their substances cannot reach the mitochondria. But the avocado ingredients can, as shows research by US experts for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

Avocado Can Help You Reach 100

– Free radicals strive to destroy the mitochondria and thus stop the production of energy in the cell, which leads to cell death. In order to understand better, try to imagine an oil spill, where instead of mending the broken pipe which discharges toxic substances and gases, you only clean the spilt oil – said Cortes Rojo from the University of Mexico.

Avocado oil is so beneficial that it allows cells to survive even when they are exposed to a high percentage of iron, which is responsible for the production of free radicals. Olive oil has the most similar chemical composition to avocado oil, which is supported by the very low levels of certain chronic diseases in some Mediterranean countries. That’s why avocado oil is considered the olive oil of America!

7 Fantastic Uses of Garlic

One of the most popular naturally healthy foods is garlic, commonly used in almost every kitchen. Except for treating flu and colds due to its antibacterial effect, garlic is easily applicable in many other situations.

1. Acne

One of the benefits of garlic is certainly its effect on beauty. Namely, garlic juice cures acne and pimples. Mash two cloves and place the mixture on the site of inflammation; the results will be visible after a few minutes when the swelling around pimples subsides.

7 Fantastic Uses of Garlic

2. Herpes

Viral lip infection known as herpes is a very unpleasant phenomenon, but it is curable if you hold a clove of garlic directly on the sore spot for about 10 minutes. For effective results, repeat this five times during the day.

3. Otitis media

Garlic helps in the treatment of ear infections, and the recipe is quick and simple. Put a crushed clove of garlic in a spoonful of hot olive oil and let it stay for an hour; sprinkle a few drops in the ear and repeat this twice a day.

4. A splint under the skin

A small piece of wood that gets under your skin is difficult to remove, but applying garlic on the painful area and covering it with a plaster, will help the splint easily come to surface.

5. Loss of hair

Garlic is also known for its beneficial effects on scalp recovery, so if your hair is receding, rub your scalp with garlic oil or simply garlic and let it work for at least 10 minutes several times a week.

6. Cough syrup

Garlic acts as an antibiotic so it can help fight cough. Chop finely two cloves of garlic and put them in a deciliter of hot water; leave it for a few minutes, then drink it like tea.

7. Skin care

Allicin, a garlic compound helps to soften the skin and makes it smooth. Add some crushed garlic to your face mask, leave it a few minutes longer and rinse with lukewarm water. Clear skin and fresh look are the results of this easy process.

Simple Way To Find Out If You Have Candida!

It sounds a little bit scary, but simply, Candida is a kind of yeast, or more precisely it is a fungi, which is located in each of us, on the skin, in the mouth, intestines and other mucous membranes. It is good for us, because as part of the red flora it stimulates and also inhibits the activity of the intestines.

However, if Candida multiplies excessively, it disrupts the body’s natural pH value and releases toxins that penetrate into the bloodstream and intestine and this has  negative  effects on the immune system. Symptoms of infection are general and non-specific, making it difficult to diagnose the infection and the most common signs of infection are fatigue and weakness. It is estimated that 70% of people have some form of infection in the mouth, intestines or the skin.

Test Do you have Candida

The reproduction of Candida is caused by:

– Extended treatment with antibiotics   that abolish too many good bacteria

– Consuming a large amount of refined sugars and carbohydrates

– Drinking a lot of alcohol

– The use of contraceptive pills

– The decay of the immune system

– Pregnancy

– Diabetes

– Chlorinated drinking water or water that is found in pools

What symptoms indicate Candida?

– Digestive problems, gas in the stomach and swelling

– Constipation or diarrhea

– Drowsiness, fatigue, feeling mild lethargy

– Difficulties with concentration, reduced memory

– Disproportionate need for carbs

– Dry mouth and bad breath

Fungal infections appear on the skin (athlete’s foot, a fungal infection between the toes, red spots on the skin)

– Weakness in the muscles and pain

– Upsetting   increase of vaginal discharge, painful and irritating menstruation

– Vaginal infection, rectal and vaginal itching

If your answer is positive on three or more symptoms, there is a reasonable suspicion that Candida is the cause of your problems. Be sure to see your doctor who will send you to do the necessary tests. Experts recommend if you have any of these symptoms, check the level of IgG, IgA and IgM Candida antibodies, do the urine and stool test which are one of the most accurate tests available.

Lose Weight With This Homemade Trick! Ordinary Plastic Foil Will Melt the Fat and Cleanse the Body of Toxins!

Wrapping in foil for household has become a popular cosmetic procedure, used for weight loss, detoxification of the body and improve the quality of the skin.

There are different ways of wrapping in foil, and today we bring you two most effective ways of wrapping in foil for weight loss, detoxification and the release of cellulite.

Wrap in foil with honey

Heat the honey in a small bowl and add one egg yolk and a few drops of citrus essential oil (lemon, orange or jojoba oil). Apply this mixture on the problem areas of the body (legs, abdomen, thigh) and tightly wrap the foil. Wear warm clothes, lie down and cover up with a blanket. After half an hour, remove the foil and take a shower.

Lose Weight With This Homemade Trick! Ordinary Plastic Foil Will Melt the Fat and Cleanse the Body of Toxins!

Wrap in foil with clay

Cellulite wrap with clay is the best way of combustion of fatty deposits. It is best to use blue clay because it contains a large number of trace elements that are beneficial to the skin. Dilute blue clay with water and apply the mixture on the problem areas. Wear warm clothes and leave it on for an hour.

Wrapping in foil should be done twice a week and fantastic results will follow. You will get rid of the fat, cellulite, and stretch marks.

All the benefits of household foil in weight loss:

  • It’s inexpensive and everyone can afford it
  • You do not need to wrap only the critical parts, but also the feet and hands
  • It helps in the shaping of the body
  • When you sweat, you lose weight and
  • If you’re in a gym or exercise three times a week, and in doing so, you are wrapped in foil, in one week, you can easily lose 5 – 7 pounds.

Are You Aware Of the Sugar Quantity in Ketchup Used Every Day?

Your favourite fast food supplement is full of sugar and it is more than you can presume!

Are You Aware Of the Sugar Quantity in Ketchup Used Every Day

Ketchup is an aromatic food additive made of tomatoes, various chopped vegetables and spices. Not to forget the sugar.

Ketchup is integral addition to sandwiches, hamburgers, French fries and other fast food. And yet, your favourite fast food additive is actually more packed with sugar than you imagine.

One tablespoon contains 4 gr of sugar whereas one small package of ketchup served in restaurants contains more than 2 gr of sugar.

The recommended daily intake of sugar is 10% of all food consumed, about 50 to 60 gr; this quantity also includes the sugar from sweet articles like fruit.

Do you know how much sugar does ketchup in everyday use contain?

Your favourite fast food additive is truly abounding in sugar, even more than you can imagine!

Soft drinks, beer, sweets and juices contain most sugar.

Sugar is actually to blame for the epidemic of obesity in Western countries, which leads to numerous health problems such as diabetes and heart disease.

And regardless of the many warnings from doctors and nutritionists about the jeopardies of sugar, a person consumes about 1.75 tons of sugar on the average during their lifetime.

Cool Trick On How to Get Rid Of the Black Mould in Your Bathroom

However we try, we never seem to be fully able to remove black mould from our bathrooms.

Cool Trick On How to Get Rid Of the Black Mold in Your Bathroom

These repulsive black stains, which generally appear on the fugue between tiles as well as on the bath lining, are not only visually unpleasant, but are also bad for your health, especially if they spread across other parts of your apartment.


The bathroom is a hotbed of mould because it is damp, hot and deficient in air. To prevent growth of mould, you must first change the conditions: if possible, leave the bathroom window or door ajar while taking a shower.

If there isn’t a window to your bathroom, use an air damper or ventilator and leave them on, even when there isn’t steam, as there is dampness in such cases as well.

  1. Everyday care

Don’t be misled that you will successfully remove mould if you scour the tiles every day. It’s painstaking and time-consuming, and to speak the truth, no one has the time to lock themselves up for an hour every day in order to clean the bathroom thoroughly. But, some everyday routines can help:

– clean the remains of shampoo, body oils and creams right after having a shower;

– dry the wet towels outside the bathroom,

– use synthetic bath curtains as they absorb less damp.

200-Year-Old Earache Remedy


A walnut is carefully cracked in two, the kernel is removed from one half and the shell is filled with oil.

200-year-old earache remedy

It is carefully put on a hotplate to boil for about 1-2 minutes, taking care not to spill the oil.

The nut shell will release iodine which will blend with the oil and thus increase the oil healing effect.

It is collected with a syringe and carefully dropped in the aching ear.

The pain immediately relieves.

Before you start using folk medicine, consult your doctor!

After Reading this Article You Would Never Want Ice Cubes in Your Drink

Ice cubes molds have more germs than the water in the toilet!

After Reading this Article You Would Never Want Ice Cubes in Your Drink

When you order a glass of water at a restaurant or coffee bar, you should be aware of several things:


Most people get a glass of water with ice cubes, whether they asked for or not. Last year Daily Mail conducted a survey which showed that in the ice cubes molds there are more germs than the water in the toilets.


Some restaurants and cafes serve the water with a slice of lemon, but the reality is that this is still a good foundation of germs. The results from the survey conducted by “Journal of Environmental health” shows that about 70% of such pieces of lemon contain microbes.


Two years ago, Elizabeth Lime conducted a research for ABC News, on presence of germs in American restaurants. Precisely the glasses were among the top 10 areas that had the most germs.

Although the staff should only touch the bottom of the glass, many of them do not obey this rule.