Clean Your Blood Vessels from Cholesterol in 40 Days. A Proven and Highly Efficient Recipe.

If you want to get rid of toxins in your blood, improve your blood vessel elasticity and cleanse them of cholesterol deposits, blood vessel cleaning is always recommended. This can be done in different ways – from folk medicines to taking drugs, plasmapheresis, and even laser cleaning of blood vessels. It is important to know that cleaning the blood vessels using drugs causes a lot of side effects. Their use should be your last resort when other treatments don’t help.

Therefore, your best option for blood vessel cleaning is the application of natural medicines, which is by no means, a safer way to deal with this condition.

Clean Your Blood Vessels from Cholesterol in 40 Days. A Proven and Highly Efficient Recipe.

Garlic and lemon are very effective in cleaning the blood vessels, reducing cholesterol levels, strengthening the arterial walls and reducing the risk of dangerous diseases such as atherosclerosis. This tincture with lemon and garlic has been used in Russian folk medicine for centuries. Also, this folk remedy prevents the formation of cancer cells, which has been repeatedly confirmed by scientific research, and the fact that garlic contains large amounts of antioxidants, which account for its properties to regenerate and rejuvenate.

Folk recipe for cleaning your blood vessels from cholesterol deposits.


– 4 heads of garlic

– 4 medium lemons (unpeeled)

– 3l boiled water


  1. Split the garlic in cloves and clean them.
  2. Cut the lemon in slices and cover it with boiling water.
  3. Grind the ingredients together.
  4. Put the ground mixture in a clean 3l glass jar covering it in hot pre-boiled water to the top.
  5. Cover and leave in the fridge for 3 days.
  6. After that, strain and refrigerate.


The maximum dose is 50mL 3 times a day, before meals. However, cleaning the blood vessels should begin with smaller doses (1-2 tablespoons). If you don’t feel any discomforts, slowly increase the dose to the recommended amount.

The duration of this treatment is 40 days. It’s recommended to cleaning your blood vessels in this way once a year, after consulting with your physician.

This drink will improve your blood circulation and its lipid composition, normalize your blood pressure, and improve your cerebral blood circulation. Plus, it’s beneficial for weight loss.

A Miracle Recipe Will Cure Back, Leg and Joint Pain in Just 7 Days!

Health experts caution that improper posture is the primary cause for pain in the back, legs and joints, so the first advice is to try and keep a proper posture, which is not always easy.

This article will provide you with a simple-ingredient recipe that will help get rid of the pain and strengthen your bones. If you suffer from pain in your back, joints, legs and neck, this recipe is ideal for you.

A Miracle Recipe Will Cure Back, Leg and Joint Pain in Just 7 Days!

What you do?

Get 150g edible gelatin, which you can find in any store. In the evening, mix two full tablespoons of gelatin (5 g), with a quarter cup of cold water and leave it overnight unrefrigerated. The gelatin will turn into jelly.

In the morning, add the mixture to something that suits your taste best (e.g. juice, milk, yogurt, tea).

Gelatin is extremely helpful with joint, back, leg and neck pain and will significantly improve your condition only after a week of consumption.

The treatment should last for a month, and be repeated after six months. This will in fact restore the natural lubrication of your joints.

You may have doubts about this natural recipe, but it is a much better alternative for pain relief than the chemically-laden painkillers.

Why is gelatin so good for the joints?

First of all, gelatin is a product of natural origin. It’s a product of bone, tissue and cartilage of herd cattle. Proline and hydroxyproline are two powerful amino acids found in the gelatin, which stimulate the growth and improve the structure of the connective tissue, which is indispensable for the treatment of weak joints and bones.

Gelatin is a high quality ‘medicine’ and provides a wide range of health benefits:

– Strengthens joints and heart

– Increases metabolism

– Improves mental ability

– Improves complexion

– Provides elasticity, strengthens the tendons and ligaments

– Prevents osteoporosis and osteoarthritis

– Improves skin and hair structure

– A powerful effect in the treatment of dysplasia

This treatment will eliminate pain and stiffness within 7 days. In a month you will feel much better, and the pain will disappear completely.



Is Bronchitis Contagious?

-There are some doubts about whether bronchitis is contagious or not. Yes it is but not always.

Is Bronchitis Contagious

Types of bronchitis

There are two types of bronchitis: acute and chronic.

Acute bronchitis refers to sudden occurrence of illness, which usually lasts for a few weeks and rarely for several months. It usually begins with cold symptoms:

-runny nose

-sore throat

– fever and


As time passes, the cough intensifies and becomes productive with secretion of greater or lesser amount of mucus and saliva. If the cough does not pass after three weeks, it is possible it is chronic bronchitis.

Chronic bronchitis is common in long-term smokers. If chronic cough is present in young children, there is a possibility they suffer from asthma.

Given that bronchitis is mainly caused by viruses- that trigger cold, it can be concluded that bronchitis is equally contagious. However, if the body temperature doesn’t increase, patients can perform their daily tasks, using some general measures to prevent the spread of infection:

– Cover the mouth appropriately when coughing (involving the use of the elbow, not the hand because with hand shaking germs are easily transmitted from person to person, so this is an important preventive measure.)

-Appropriate and regular hand washing;

-Do Not use common items, particularly glasses and other utensils.

Regular Use of Aspirin Can Reduce the Risk of Colon Cancer

Regular use of aspirin reduces the long-term risk of cancer in people who suffer from obesity according to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.

Scientists from the Universities of Newcastle and Leeds found that obesity doubles the risk of developing colon cancer in people with Lynch syndrome, a hereditary genetic disease. Almost half of the patients affected with this syndrome are diagnosed with cancer, mainly colon and uterine cancer.

Regular Use of Aspirin Can Reduce the Risk of Colon Cancer

Professor Sir John Burn, professor of Clinical Genetics at Newcastle University who led the international research collaboration, said: “This is important for people with Lynch Syndrome but affects the rest of us too. Lots of people struggle with their weight and this suggests the extra cancer risk can be cancelled by taking an aspirin.

This research adds to the growing body of evidence which links an increased inflammatory process to an increased risk of cancer. Obesity increases the inflammatory response. One explanation for our findings is that the aspirin may be suppressing that inflammation which opens up new avenues of research into the cause of cancer.”

This 10-year study which involved 937 subjects with obesity and was conducted in 43 centers in 16 countries, revealed that the cancer risk is reduced to practically zero when taking regular doses of aspirin. One study group took 600mg of aspirin daily over two years and another group – placebo.

The researchers believe the study shows that aspirin is affecting an underlying mechanism which pre-disposes someone to cancer and further study is needed in this area. Since the benefits are occurring before the very early stages of developing a tumor – known as the adenoma carcinoma sequence – the effect must be changing the cells which are predisposed to become cancerous in later years.

One possibility is that a little recognized effect of aspirin is to enhance programmed cell death. This is most obvious in plants where salicylates trigger this mechanism to help diseased plants contain the spread of infection.

We may be seeing a mechanism in humans whereby aspirin is encouraging genetically damaged stem cells to undergo programmed cell death, this would have an impact on cancer,” says Sir John.

Study authors caution that their findings are only preliminary, and reminded that the misuse of aspirin can cause serious health problems as this medicine can cause ulcers and bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract.


For Quick Hair Growth: Try the Secret of Indian Women!

Indian woman worldwide are known as the most beautiful ladies, with the thickest hair and you probably have wondered what is their secret – genes or is it something else?

For Quick Hair Growth Try the Secret of Indian Women!

The secret is in their magical formula prepared with a plant that makes your hair wonderful and which used as oil directly affects the growth and thickness of hair.

It is a plant -Bacopa monnieri, which is known as Brahmi.

How do you use it? The simplest way is to mix it with coconut oil and apply it on the hair before washing.

Brahmi oil improves your hair condition within a few weeks, and these are the benefits from this Indian secret:

  1. Reduces hair loss because it nourishes the roots and accelerates the hair growth.
  2. Returns the lost shine to the hair and prevents split ends
  3. Prevents dandruff and moisturizes the scalp.

Best of all, this oil is easily accessible and can be found in all major pharmacies.

Get Volume, Life and Long-Lasting Hold with This Natural DIY Sugar Hairspray

Nowadays, there are so many toxins in the things we put on our bodies and most of the time we aren’t even aware that these can lead to all kinds of problems from thyroid issues to adrenal fatigue and more.

When it comes to hair care, hairspray is one of the worst offenders when it comes to chemicals in beauty products. It typically contains aerosol, plastics, VOCs and more. Plus, many natural hair styling products available on the market are packed with heavy oils like coconut, which only add greasiness to your hair. If you are one of those who want to embrace the natural way of life and give up traditional chemical-laden hair sprays, this super all-natural alcohol-free recipe is just the thing you’re looking for.

Get Volume, Life and Long-Lasting Hold with This Natural DIY Sugar Hairspray

This healthy hair care alternative uses only a few ingredients, including white sugar (an ingredient that is terrible for the body but can be great for skin and hair!).

You can use it in two ways – before blow-drying if you want to get some extra volume and bounce and after styling if you want to get a firm hold.

There’s one thing you shouldn’t overlook when preparing this spray and that’s adding the additional ingredients so as to balance the stickiness of sugar and also obtain a more manageable hold.

Volumizing Sugar Spray


  • ½ cup distilled or purified water
  • 2 tbsp. cane sugar
  • 1 tbsp. aloe vera juice
  • ½ tsp argan oil (or oil of your choice)
  • 3 drops of rosemary essential oil (optional)
  • 2 drops of peppermint essential oil (optional)


  1. Boil the water and remove from the heat.
  2. Add the sugar stirring until it melts.
  3. Let it cool for a few minutes then add the aloe and oils.
  4. Collect the mixture into a dark spray bottle.
  5. You can keep this spray in the fridge and use it for about two weeks in the refrigerator, or up to one week unrefrigerated if it’s stored away from heat. You can prolong the shelf life of this spray by using distilled water and essential oils.


  • For styling: spray on your hair roots when damp, blow dry and style.
  • For hold: spray on dry hair lightly for a flexible hold, or in more profusely for a firm hold.


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Boost Your Immune System Within 15 Seconds!

A Chinese Medicine specialist from the University of Moscow, Professor Sergei Bubnovski, recommends a simple method for strengthening the immune system with soaking your feet in cold water.

Boost Your Immune System Within 15 Seconds

Cold water and showering with cold water are practiced in many cultures for good reason. Although it is much more pleasant when you take a shower and bathe with warm water, cold water provides you with a variety of health benefits.

A German scientist in his study came to the conclusion that people who take cold showers at least 2 minutes, rarely suffer from colds.

Another study, conducted in Prague, included young athletes that supposed to have bath in cold water. The water temperature was 14 ° C and the study was conducted three times a week for six weeks.

After this period, it was found that the number of two types of white blood cells – monocytes and lymphocytes, which are responsible for the destruction of pathogens – increased.

Cold shower makes us more alive and gives us more energy; our heart beats faster and improves the circulation. If washing your face with cold water awakes you and makes you feel fresh, imagine what is the effect of cold water on the whole body.

Many researchers claim that a cold shower relieves stress and improves mood. A study conducted at the University of Virginia, USA, revealed that the cold water stimulates the production of norepinephrine, hormones similar to adrenaline . Norepinephrine is in charge of the smaller blood vessels and acts as an antidepressant.

The method of strengthening the immune system with cold water

Every night before going to sleep fill a basin with cold water. Then put your feet in a basin and hold them in the water for 15 seconds. Then put on cotton socks. Practice this method every night and you will significantly strengthen the immune system.

If you have a cold, make this treatment every 4 hours.

Do not be afraid that this could worsen your condition because this method can only strengthen your immune system.

3-Step Secret to Activate Your Fat Burning Hormones and Lose Weight Fast

There are three factors that contribute to losing weight – eating less calories, exercising and last, but not least, the hormonal balance in your body. Namely, apart from hormones that stimulate weight loss, the body also contains hormones that accumulate fat, and when these prevail, cutting down weight is much harder than just reducing calorie intake or working out.

A number of health experts support the theory that the first few months of any weight loss program are referred to as the ‘easy phase’, but then comes a point where regardless of what you do, your body simply refuses to give up any more pounds. When this happens, people are often desperate and resort to some extreme measures to retain the weight-loss, like calorie-fasting.

3-Step Secret to Activate Your Fat Burning Hormones and Lose Weight Fast

But, what they often don’t know is that when calories are drastically reduced, your body enters starvation mode i.e. its fat burning hormones deliberately slow down inhibiting you from losing weight. It is then that the hormonal balance needs to be reestablished in order to achieve further fat loss because stubborn fat in problem areas can only be defeated by changing your hormone functionality.

Fat burning v. fat storing hormones

The principle fat burning hormone is testosterone, and this is clearly proven with the fact that men are less inclined to having excess body fat than women.

Unlike testosterone, fat storing hormones are estrogen, insulin, and cortisol. Estrogen is the female sex hormone, which is mostly accountable for fat deposits in the lower body. Cortisol is known as the stress hormone, responsible for making your body retain fat, whereas insulin can be the cause of love handles and lower back fat.

So if you want to continue losing pounds even after you hit the plateau, you must focus on two things – boosting your testosterone while reducing your fat storing hormones. These three steps will help you achieve your goal.

1. Boosting Your Testosterone

The best way you can do this (it applies to both men and women!) is to naturally promote the secretion of testosterone in your body as opposed to taking testosterone supplements. For one thing, you can increase endurance exercise, which means boosting up the intensity of your training session by performing more exercise within the same timeframe, or, simply increasing intensity over shorter time.

You can stimulate testosterone production by short sprints instead of a slow jog, an hour of aerobics instead of a long walk and dance-fit instead of yoga. Some extra weight reps can also be quite beneficial.

2. Avoiding Insulin Resistance

Excessive sugar intake can lead to insulin resistance and diabetes. In cases of insulin resistance, the fat deposits in the body increase significantly. So if you want to burn fat efficiently, you must balance your diet and reduce your sugar intake.

3. Preventing the Secretion of Cortisol

Cortisol or the stress hormone is released in the body as a result of physical, mental, and emotional stress. Also, low calorie diets, which, contrary to popular belief, put excess strain on the body, can lead to production of cortisol. Thus, starving your body over a long period of time can be detrimental to your weight loss goals as opposed to a balanced diet and regular exercise. Plus, intense training can also stimulate cortisol production, so be cautious to give your body enough time to recover after exercise. Some relaxation techniques like meditation, yoga, and mindfulness can be extremely beneficial for this as they alleviate both mental and physical stress. In addition, cortisol can also be the result of quality sleep insufficiency and trauma.

As hormones play major role in fat accumulation as well as fat burning, these three steps will help you optimize your body’s ability to burn fat rather than store it.


Better than Botox: a Mask That Wipes Your Wrinkles Away!

Chocolate, one of the most popular treats in the world, can help you to have beautiful skin!

Better than Botox a Mask That Wipes Your Wrinkles Away!

Because of the large amount of antioxidants, that its main ingredient cocoa contains, this mask can help in preventing premature aging of the skin and can give your skin a beautiful glow. Raw cocoa contains more than 320 different antioxidants (no other natural product contains so many). These antioxidants fight against free radicals in the body and protect against viral and bacterial infections.

For this mask  you will need:

  • Raw cocoa powder
  • Honey
  •  Avocado
  •  Cinnamon

Cocoa is the best ingredient from all above mentioned, because of the antioxidants it contains (among other things) and improves the protection of the collagen.

Honey “preserves” the natural oils in the skin due to which it becomes elastic and soft.

Avocado is one of the best anti-aging foods. It prevents the formation of wrinkles and eliminates the ones that have already appeared. Avocado contains d-mannoheptulose which stimulates the collagen production.

Cinnamon is an excellent food because it contains many useful substances and unique cinnamon essential oil is an effective, natural tonic.


  •  Mashed avocado
  •  3 tablespoons of raw cocoa powder (you can find it in health food stores)
  •  2 teaspoons honey
  •  One teaspoon cinnamon

Mix the ingredients well and then apply the mixture on your face. After 25 minutes the mask should be rinsed with warm water. To make an effective mask you need to apply it no more than twice a week.

If You have Problem with Sciatica Try These Useful Exercises! (VIDEO)

If you have ever suffered from pain due to sciatica and back stiffness, you know that is not pleasant at all. This awkward pain can prevent you from finishing your everyday tasks and due to which you cannot function normally.

If You have Problem with Sciatica Try These Useful Exercises! (VIDEO)
Pain that originates from the lower back may occur even if you are not injured. The pain caused by sciatica is felt in the buttocks and may extend to the thighs. Sometimes it is extended to the feet.

Pain, stronger or weaker, that spreads from the lumbar part to the feet can be accompanied by numbness, muscle weakness, sensations like tingling, or burning feeling that is similar to “needle prick” and also makes it difficult to move your leg. Typical symptoms are localized only on one side of the body.


Modern treatment of sciatica involves relieving pain, avoiding spine movements and a lot of rest with reduced physical activity. Although this method alleviates pain, there are no long-term effects.
Most cases of sciatica (87%) can heal spontaneously within three months.
Interestingly, emotional problems, especially dissatisfaction with work, may contribute to the occurrence of back pain.
This will surely make you wonder how actually emotions and life choices have a physical impact on the body.
From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, sciatica is associated with kidney damage that can be caused by too much moisture, cold and wind.
The treatment involves warming up the kidneys with herbs.
Very interesting are the different approaches to the treatment of the same disease and that can be effective although dissimilar.
The video shows the stretching exercises that help in relieving pain and accelerating the healing process, and you can do them at home: