If You have Problem with Sciatica Try These Useful Exercises! (VIDEO)

If you have ever suffered from pain due to sciatica and back stiffness, you know that is not pleasant at all. This awkward pain can prevent you from finishing your everyday tasks and due to which you cannot function normally.

If You have Problem with Sciatica Try These Useful Exercises! (VIDEO)
Pain that originates from the lower back may occur even if you are not injured. The pain caused by sciatica is felt in the buttocks and may extend to the thighs. Sometimes it is extended to the feet.

Pain, stronger or weaker, that spreads from the lumbar part to the feet can be accompanied by numbness, muscle weakness, sensations like tingling, or burning feeling that is similar to “needle prick” and also makes it difficult to move your leg. Typical symptoms are localized only on one side of the body.


Modern treatment of sciatica involves relieving pain, avoiding spine movements and a lot of rest with reduced physical activity. Although this method alleviates pain, there are no long-term effects.
Most cases of sciatica (87%) can heal spontaneously within three months.
Interestingly, emotional problems, especially dissatisfaction with work, may contribute to the occurrence of back pain.
This will surely make you wonder how actually emotions and life choices have a physical impact on the body.
From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, sciatica is associated with kidney damage that can be caused by too much moisture, cold and wind.
The treatment involves warming up the kidneys with herbs.
Very interesting are the different approaches to the treatment of the same disease and that can be effective although dissimilar.
The video shows the stretching exercises that help in relieving pain and accelerating the healing process, and you can do them at home:

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