Look at the Mirror and Find Out if You Have This Unusual Sign on Your Ear! It is Linked With a Serious Disease!

-Frank Sign is a diagonal ear lobe crease (ELC) extending diagonally from the tragus across the lobule to the rear edge of the auricle. The sign is named after Dr. Sanders T. Frank.

Look at the Mirror and Find Out if You Have This Unusual Sign on Your Ear! It is Linked With a Serious Disease!

Dr. Frank was the first who has noticed it in 1973 and worked on the thesis of a possible connection between this sign with the development of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease. Based on his observations, over 40 studies are conveyed which have shown that this sign is a possible indicator of heart disease and diseases associated with blood vessels.

The study was conducted on 60 people who were divided into two groups:

-The first group of patients, group A, which had Frank’s sign.

-Second group of patients, Group B, without the sign.

The study showed that 73% of the participants with Frank’s sign had an increased risk of cerebrovascular disease. In addition, 30% of the patients who didn’t have this sign had an increased risk of cerebrovascular disease.

The researchers concluded that the results showed statistically significant correlation between the Frank’s sign and the potential risk of cerebrovascular disease, stroke and brain disorders related to damaged blood vessels.

Would YOU Use This Creepy Japanese Device for Ingrown Toenail? Watch The Video!!!

If you have a problem with ingrown toenail, the Japanese invented a very practical method that will save you from this trouble. It’s called ” Makizume Robo Ingrown Toenail Fixer ” and the problem will disappear forever! This device looks like a pair of eyelash curlers, but has two ‘arms’ and a central crank.

Simply set the hooks on the each side of the nail, then tighten them.

Then soak your foot in the water for 20 minutes and repeat the procedure for better results.

Dry it with a hairdryer, and that’s all – your nails will look normal again.

Watch the video:


In the 1850s, Robert Chesebrough invented the process of distilling and cleaning the thick gel found on oil wells. The Vaseline is available on the market in USA since 1870. Firstly it was used as a lubricant for machinery.

Today Vaseline can be used in various different ways but women mostly use it as a beauty product. But you cannot even imagine how many usages it has. In the video below you can learn how to use Vaseline in 50 different ways, in 5 minutes only.


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Is PMS making you crazy? Do You Have Painful Periods? Read and Find Out How to Help Yourself!

Are you aware that in some stores the chocolates are intentionally put near the pads and tampons? And the reason is so obvious. All women are familiar with that “special time of the month,” when they feel pain, mood swings, bloating and craving chocolate.

But just because almost every woman gets crazy about chocolate every month it doesn’t mean it is normal. Period shouldn’t be stressful; it should be rather normal condition, natural and painless.

Is PMS making you crazy Do You Have Painful Periods Read and Find Out How to Help Yourself!

Extremely painful periods, serious mood swings or abnormal cravings before and during the period may be linked with hormonal imbalance. Irregular, missing, too light or too heavy periods are not normal as well. But there are other symptoms of hormonal imbalance as well:

  • Tiredness
  • Weight gain/loss without reason
  • Fatigue
  • Mood swings
  • Missing libido
  • Infertility
  • Cravings
  • Abnormal (painful, missing, frequent, heavy, etc.) periods
  • Depression
  • Hair loss

If you have problems with painful period or you have symptoms that are mentioned above, AVOCADOS CAN REALLY HELP!

Before thinking that you can gain weight, you must know that the fat in avocado is monounsaturated, GOOD FAT which helps against heart diseases and certain types of cancer.

Essential fats are crucial for hormone production. Consuming a variety of whole foods high in short, medium and long-chain fatty acids are crucial for maintaining your hormones balanced.

By balancing your progesterone, testosterone and estrogen levels, avocados will help in boosting energy and retaining lean muscle mass, in women and men as well. They will help women to have painless and regular periods.

You can prepare this Easy Guacamole recipe:


  • 1 avocado
  • ½ garlic powder
  • ½ t lime juice
  • ¼ bell pepper chopped into tiny pieces
  • ¼ tomato chopped into tiny pieces
  • Cilantro, as desired
  • Salt and pepper (optional)


After cutting the avocado in half, get the pit out because you will need the fruit.

Make a mixture from lime, avocado, garlic, cilantro, pepper and tomato.

Add salt and pepper for better taste.

There are other ways which can help with balancing hormones besides eating avocados:

  • Consuming coconut oil for essential fats
  • Breathe, relax, do yoga
  • Eating a clean, whole foods diet
  • Balancing your Omega 3/6 ratios
  • Doing interval exercise
  • Supplementing with vitamin D
  • Adding herbs, like maca, ashwagandha and turmeric into your diet
  • Limiting coffee
  • Eliminating toxic kitchen and body care products
  • Getting proper sleep
  • Quitting your birth control pill or other hormonal form of birth control

Hormonal health is very important so start consuming avocados immediately!

Source: http://fitlife.tv

Keeping These Plants in Your Bedroom Will Make You Healthier!

Do you suffer from insomnia? A lot of people do!

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention stated that sleeping deprivation is a common problem and this institute is spending a lot of money and time to solve this problem.

Keeping These Plants in Your Bedroom Will Make You Healthier!

If you have tried various remedies and techniques but you still cannot have a good night sleep than this article may help!

We are all aware that Mother Nature has various solutions for many health problems but can it help against insomnia?

Do you have indoors plants? The opinion about these plants is divided: are they helpful or harmful? Some believe they are dangerous as they breathe as humans thus producing carbon dioxide at night. But you should know that humans and pets are producing more CO2 than plants do!

Benefits to bringing plants into your house:

  • Reduced stress
  • Better smell
  • Less anxiety
  • Cold/illness prevention
  • Improved brain function
  • Headache relief
  • Better air quality
  • Boosted mood


NASA conveyed research on some plant and their calming and cleansing effect on the environment. Here you can find out which plants are the most beneficial and can help with the sleeping problem.

  1.  Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe Vera is amazing indoor plant as it has a lot of healing properties. It is considered as one of the top air-improving plants by NASA because it is proven that produces oxygen at night. High oxygen level will reduce insomnia and provide you with better night sleep.

Aloe Vera can be reproduced easily and that is why is called  ‘plant of immortality’. Put this plant all over your house and you will feel the difference.

  1. Lavender Plant

Many people are using lavender oil but do they have the lavender plant? This plant will help in reducing anxiety and stress, improve sleep, slow heart rate and even calm the babies down.

  1. Jasmine Plant

This is an exotic plant which aroma is proven to help against insomnia. It also improves alertness and productivity the following day! You just need to smell this plant to get rid of stress and anxiety.

  1.  English Ivy Plant

English Ivy is easy to grow and is actually the NUMBER ONE best air-purifying plant by NASA.

This plant is especially effective against asthma and breathing problems. By having it at home, airborne mold will be reduced by up to 94%! We all know that mold can cause asthma, allergies and other respiratory problems. So this is why English Ivy can help with sleeping disorder.

  1.  Snake Plant

Snake plants filter the oxygen thus improving the air quality. By having this plant in the room you can avoid headaches, eye irritation, breathing problems and they can also help with fertility.


If you choose to add indoor plants to your home, you will have purer air and you can even reduce some of health conditions you have been suffering from for years.


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How to Reverse Grey Hair Naturally Without Coloring

A lot of people who have tried this beverage claim that it improves eyesight and the skin condition as well. But it has the most amazing effect on grey hair as it returns the hair’s natural color and it also makes it thicker.

How to Reverse Grey Hair Naturally Without Coloring

The ingredients needed for this amazing beverage:

  • 200 grams /7 oz. of flaxseed oil
  • 4 lemons
  • 3 cloves of garlic (small)
  • 1 kilogram/2,2 lbs. of honey

How to prepare this drink:

Blend the lemons and the garlic well. Peel only two lemons before blending them.

After that add the flaxseed and the honey and blend again. Then put the mixture in a glass jar and close it tightly. Keep the mixture in the fridge.

How to consume the drink:

Consume one tablespoon 30 minutes before every meal. Always use wooden or plastic spoon and avoid the metal ones!

This mixture should be consumed 3 times a day.

This beverage is an amazing remedy because it improves our health and the ingredients can be found easily. That is why it is so perfect!

Source: http://healthybiofood.com/

Put a Drop of Vinegar And Alcohol Into Your Ear And Hold 60 Seconds: The Wonderful Effect Will Take Your Breath Away!

Ear wax is natural and it is produced by the glands in the ear. Its role is to keep the inside of the ear safe from dirt, dust and bacteria. But many people find it unnecessary and disgusting so they clean the ear regularly.

Cotton swabs are most often used for cleaning the ear from ear wax but you must know that they are not effective; on the contrary, they push the bacteria towards the inner part of the ear

Put a Drop of Vinegar And Alcohol Into Your Ear And Hold 60 Seconds The Wonderful Effect Will Take Your Breath Away!

Moreover you should also know that the excess wax is removed naturally by talking, chewing or yawing.

Sometimes, due to some reasons, this natural cleaning doesn’t occur which can lead to unpleasant conditions as headaches, problems with sinuses, pain in the ear, hearing problems and sometimes even dizziness.

Fortunately the doctor David Hill has found a natural solution and he claims that the mixture of vinegar and rubbing alcohol can really help. You will need a small amount.

Apply a few drops in the ear and lean the head on the opposite side for 60 seconds. Then go back in normal position and the mixture will drain from the ear.

This natural remedy will surely help with this problem. Your ears will be cleaned and you will save yourself from unbearable ear pain.

Source: http://www.healthyfoodhouse.com

Have You Ever Tried to Pour Oil Into the Tangerine Peel? You Can Make Something Magical!

Tangerines are very tasty! Especially in winter, when we usually consume them because they are rich in vitamins, and are also excellent decorations for New Year and Christmas holidays.

But what about their peel?. Instead of throwing it, it can be used as another decorative detail – a candle.

To make this candle, you will need:

  • tangerines
  • knife
  • oil
  • match

Cut the tangerine  so you can separate the two halves of the peel.

WHAT Happens to the Body After 24 Hours Without Sleep? Is it Lethal?(VIDEO)

In 1959, the famous DJ Peter Tripp decided to raise money for charity in an unusual way. The 32-year-old Tripp entered into a glass room in the middle of Times Square in New York. He decided to work on his radio show for 8 days without sleep in an experiment called “wakeathon”.

WHAT Happens to the Body After 24 Hours Without Sleep Is it Lethal

During the first two days, Tripp amused his audience with entertaining broadcast. The third day they noticed a change in his mood. He became aggressive towards his colleagues. Then, Tripp began to hallucinate that his shoes were full of spider webs and people are made of worms.

After 120 hours, he jumped from the building because he was hallucinating that there was fire. Suddenly, he began to accuse people that they wanted to kill him. He could not remember the alphabet. He was barely awake for eight days. However, doctors said that it was enough time to cause “nocturnal psychosis”. After 13-hour sleep, Tripp returned to normal.

What happened after 24 hours?

Although Tripp looked normal after the first sleepless night, not sleeping for 24 hours can be compared to having 10% blood alcohol content.

36 hours

When 36 hours passed, the Tripp’s memory was damaged. Research has shown that people who have been awake so long had trouble remembering the faces of their friends and were convinced that they didn’t make mistakes.

48 hours

After two sleepless days, he started to have episodes of microsleep. These episodes appear due to strong desire for sleep and last for a fraction of a second or up to thirty seconds.

Death from sleep deprivation?

Lack of sleep can cause diseases such as diabetes, obesity, cancer or depression. Can it cause death? It’s hard to say. In 2014, 25-year-old man died after being awake for 48 hours.

In any case, staying awake for 24 hours is not a good idea.

The Negative Effects of Turmeric that Doctors Didn`t Warn You about!

Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is a popular spice which has been used over 4.000 years for treating numerous health conditions, including cancer. There are many studies conducted in test tubes and animals which have proved its powerful medicinal properties.

The Negative Effects of Turmeric that Doctors Didn`t Warn You about!

Turmeric is widely used in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine to fight inflammations, to treat digestive and liver disorders, as well as countless skin conditions and wounds.

Generally, turmeric is considered as safe when taken at moderate doses. However, taking turmeric in excess amounts for a longer period of time can lead to certain health complications, including stomach disorders and even ulcer.

The recommended dose of turmeric is less than 500 mg per day. For optimal results and minimal side effects, it is recommended that you do not exceed 1500 mg in a day, which is twice r thrice the recommended dose. For turmeric roots, it is recommended to be taken in a dose up to 3 g.

Turmeric Side Effects

Due to its strong effects, turmeric can cause numerous health issues when taken in excessive amounts. Clinical studies have shown that the side effects of turmeric can range from mild inflammation to severe cardiac arrhythmias with fatal consequences.

Here are some of the commonly known turmeric side effects:

  1. Gallbladder Problems

According to study data, turmeric taken in normal dosage is very effective in treating numerous digestive disorders. It has the ability to normalize the gallbladder function by stimulating the secretion of certain digestive enzymes which control the function of gallbladder ducts. However, when taken in excessive amount it can lead to worsening of gall and liver conditions, including acute Cholecystitis (inflammation of gallbladder), biliary obstruction, and gallstones. Therefore, in these cases it is recommended that you consult your doctor before taking turmeric even in moderate doses in order to prevent further complications.

  1. Stomach and Gastrointestinal Problems

A small dose of turmeric as a part of cooked curry does not cause inflammation or gastric irritation. However, some people who consume turmeric for treating chronic inflammatory conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis or joint pain, are likely to develop gastrointestinal disorders. Turmeric has mild acidic properties and therefore it has the ability to stimulate the secretion of stomach acid. People who are diagnosed with hyperacidity or dyspepsia should limit their turmeric consumption and avoid taking it in high doses. Particularly vulnerable group of people are smokers and individuals who are under steroidal and anti-inflammatory therapies and they can experience the following side effects: indigestion, heartburn, acid reflux, dyspepsia and peptic ulcers. Medical experts recommend drinking large amounts of water in order to prevent turmeric buildup in the stomach lining. Try to consume it exclusively with food.

  1. Liver Issues

Excess turmeric intake can lead to liver disorders such as jaundice and indigestion. According to animal studies, turmeric has harmful effects on animal hepatocytes. Even though there are no current studies which can confirm the toxic effect of turmeric on humans, it is recommended that you take it only in normal doses. People with liver problems should try to stay away for turmeric.

  1. Allergic Reactions

In general, turmeric is safe for people of all age when consumed in recommended doses (max 1500mg in a day). However, in some cases high or even normal dose of turmeric can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, and indigestion. Ointments and lotions which contain turmeric can cause allergic skin reactions such as burning sensations and rash. In more severe cases, it can lead to hives, contact dermatitis and anaphylaxis.

  1. Bleeding

Turmeric has the ability to thin the blood and inhibit thrombus formation which in certain cases can lead to bleeding. It also has an influence on coagulation factors from the liver and is not recommended for people who are susceptible to bleeding or have inborn disorders of coagulation.

  1. Uterine Contractions

Turmeric is not recommended for pregnant women and for those you are trying to conceive because it stimulates the uterine muscles. Therefore, it can lead to vaginal bleeding, miscarriage and premature uterine contractions.

  1. Drug Interactions

Turmeric may have interactions with certain medications. People who are under anticoagulation therapy and are taking aspirin, warfarin and clopidogrel should avoid turmeric. Furthermore, it can interfere with the function of some non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory medications. Also, turmeric has the ability to reduce blood sugar levels. Therefore, people with diabetes who are under hypoglycemic therapy should not use turmeric because it can lead to severely low blood sugar levels which can have life-threatening consequences.