Tasty and Effective Syrup against Persistent Cough! Completely Natural!

If you are one of those people who prefer natural methods to treat minor symptoms, you are probably always looking for new natural remedies. Although we are more than grateful to common medicine because pharmaceutical drugs are necessary, sometimes nature can solve our problems.

Tasty and Effective Syrup against Persistent Cough! Completely Natural!

This sage syrup and honey is an excellent remedy against cough and sore throat. Sage has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and that is why it is excellent for sore throat (and for mouth rinse). Honey is also highly beneficial, and the combination of sage and honey is extremely effective against cough. The recipe is simple; you only need a cup of fresh sage leaves and a cup of wildflower honey (organic). You will also need a glass jar that can be tightly closed.


  • Wash and dry sage leaves;
  • Separate the leaves from the stems.
  • Put the leaves in the jar and pour them with the honey. It’ll take some time for the leaves to soak completely in the honey.
  • Mix with a clean spoon and close the jar tightly. Stir the mixture once a day within a week. On the third day you should notice that the leaves look dry and honey is dissolved.
  • After a week remove the sage leaves, and remove the honey from them.
  • Keep the jar closed nicely in the refrigerator. The syrup will last a long time because honey is an excellent preservative.
  • Consume a few tablespoons of the syrup in the morning when you suffer from sore throat or put a teaspoon of the syrup in a cup with hot water and some lemon juice.

 Excellent syrup for cold winter days!

What to Do If You Have Problems With Hair loss?

If you want to have healthy hair you need to consume healthy food rich in nutrients. Your hair needs vitamin C, protein, zinc, iron and biotin.

What to Do If You Have Problems With Hair loss

Hair loss in women can be a sign of serious health problems, such as problems with the thyroid. It may be due to the lack of certain vitamins and minerals. It can also occur due to intense stress. Hair loss appears due to reduced levels of the female hormone estrogen in menopause, and after giving birth. However, it can also be a natural regenerative process.

Before you start to panic because of the amount of hair you lose every day, you should know that experts say it is normal to lose up to 100 strands a day.

The hair is naturally regenerated. The old one is replaced by new one. This process usually happens in the spring and fall.

Proper care for healthy hair

Hair loss can be prevented with proper care. Follow the below mentioned steps to make your hair strong and thick:

  • Before washing, brush your hair well.
  • When washing your hair, you must not use hot or cold water. Wash only with lukewarm water.
  • The shampoo that you use on a daily basis has to be mild. Use herbal shampoos.
  • Apply the shampoo gently. Use your fingertips to massage the scalp.

Silicone Implants are Old Fashioned – You Need 2 Weeks Only to Increase Your Breasts in a Natural Way!

Many women want bigger breasts. But not only women, men as well prefer women with bigger breasts!

For these reasons, women often decide to have plastic surgery and thus suffer tremendous pain.

Breast implants or silicones, are the fastest solution for larger breasts. But if you want to increase your breast size without pain, you can do it naturally.

Silicone Implants are Old Fashioned – You Need 2 Weeks Only to Increase Your Breast in a Natural Way!

Here is the list of 4 plants that actually can help you:


This herb originated in China. It contains various compounds that stimulate the breast growth.

This herb is mainly used as a spice. If you want to have an effect, you need to use it more often.


This is also a very useful plant. Phytoestrogens that can be found in this plant are thought to stimulate the growth of breast. It is particularly useful for mothers who breastfeed, as it stimulates the secretion of milk.

It is rich in anethole which increases the secretion of estrogen.

It also helps against colic pain in babies.


This plant stimulates the blood flow in the breast tissue. There and other useful compounds which are beneficial for the reproductive organs.

Pueraria Mirificia

This plant originated in Thailand and has a wide range of beneficial properties. It is used in anti-aging products. It can also help with breast growth.

10 Very Simple Eating Rules to Lose Weight Effectively

Are you tired of all those rules which you must follow to lose excess weight? Are you aware that sometimes the simplest ones are the most effective because they are easy to follow? Below you can find 10 most important tips for losing weight.

10 Very Simple Eating Rules to Lose Weight Effectively

Rule #1: Have a hearty breakfast first thing in the morning

Experts claim that your body needs energy within an hour after waking up. If not it will turn to your muscles for energy. It is not a good thing to lose muscle mass as it will slow down the metabolism.

Rule #2: Obtain most of your daily caloric needs early on

Just try to eat like a king in the morning, lunch like a prince at noon and have dinner like a pauper, and you will avoid unnecessary amounts of calories that will turn into fat.

Rule #3: Eat on a regular basis

To keep your blood sugar level normal you need to have regular meals. You shouldn’t be starving as it will leave you without energy. Try to consume fruits, whole grains and vegetables.

Rule #4: Pay attention to two very important signals

First you must be sure that you are actually hungry or not just thirsty or bored. Second try to eat slowly and not miss the satiety signal as you may be too full at the end.

Rule #5: Consume foods that are rich in calcium and vitamin D

Consume food rich in calcium and vitamin D. They will make your bones strong but they will also keep the unwanted pounds away – claim the experts.

Rule #6: Don’t stay away from fats as some fats are good for you

Monounsaturated fatty acids and omega-3 fatty acids are good fats which will boost your energy and will help in the weight loss process. So try to have 3 to 4 servings of healthy oils, oily fish, nuts, avocados and even chocolate.

Rule #7: Have enough high quality protein

Protein is very important as it make you feel full for a longer period of time. It is also very important for building and maintaining muscles. Try to consume 3 servings of lean protein daily like chicken, turkey, fish pork cuts and lean beef.

Rule #8: Have enough fiber

Experts’ advice is to consume not less than 20 grams of fiber every day. It helps with regular bowel movement and makes you feel full. So you need to consume whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

Rule #9: Drink 8 to 12 glasses of water daily

Drinking a lot of water will make you feel full. Experts from Stanford Prevention Research Center concluded that drinking a lot of water can help you to lose 5 pounds in a year.

Rule #10: Steer clear of restrictive diets

If you want to be healthy and look great it doesn’t’ mean that you need to suffer every day. There are a lot of fad diets but they cannot help truly as none of them can make you lose weight for life.

Just try to eat healthy and follow some simple rules that are proven to work.

Source: http://www.fitnessbin.com

High dose vitamin C therapy found to kill colorectal cancer cells!

Lately vitamin C is replaced by many other more popular antioxidants but we shouldn’t forget that vitamin C is the grandfather of the antioxidants and it has numerous health benefits.

High dose vitamin C therapy found to kill colorectal cancer cells!

Dr. Ronald Hunninghake is a well-known expert on this vitamin. Twenty years ago he and Dr. Hugh Riordan conducted a research on how vitamin C can help the patients with cancer. Their clinic is the leading expert on vitamin C but there are many others who are exploring this issue as well.

The latest studies show that Vitamin C effectively destroys colorectal cancer cells.

The amount of vitamin C in 300 oranges is proven to kill colorectal cancer which is the third most common cancer in USA. Even 50 percent of the patients do not have any benefits from the conventional therapies.

Weill Cornell Medicine in New York proved that the high dose of vitamin C triggers oxidation in the cancer cells and stopps the tumor growth.

Vitamin C improves the overall health as it has antioxidant effects which delays and prevents some types of cell damage.

It is also proven to help against bladder cancer, pancreatic cancer and renal cell carcinoma. The researchers also found that the oral doses are not absorbed properly through the intestine. That is why it should be given intravenously.

Dr. Hunninghake says that an average person should take 1 gram of vitamin C two times a day. If the patient is suffering from chronic infections or fatigue the dose should be increased. Oral dosages are enough for most of the patients but if they suffer from more serious disease then Dr. Hunninghake recommends vitamin C therapy.

You can also increase the vitamin C intake with consuming a bigger amount of fruits and vegetables. A lot of people consume oranges but the truth is that  red and yellow bell peppers have the highest vitamin C coming in at 306 percent of your daily needs. Kiwi, broccoli, dark leafy greens, tomatoes, berries, papaya, peas and oranges are rich in vitamin C.

Do not avoid vitamin C especially in winter! Consume a lot of fruits and vegetables. If you are fighting cancer or some other chronic disease think about intravenous vitamin C therapy!

Source: http://complete-health-and-happiness.com

This Is What Will Happen to Your Pinky Finger If You Are Holding Your Smartphone Like This!

If you are using your cellphone often then you must read this text!

We already know that looking down at the smartphone overloads your spine as well as your eyes. We also know that cramping and soreness in the wrist, fingers and forearms can be due to overuse of cell phones.

This Is What Will Happen to Your Pinky If You Are Holding Your Smartphone Like This!

But are you aware that using your pinky to hold your cell phone can cause temporary pain or even deformity of the pinky finger?

Japanese cell phone provider NTT Docomo warned the users via Twitter about deformity known as ”smartphone pinky”.  It appears due to using the little finger to support the weight of your phone. When you hold a bigger smartphone in your hand, it makes a pressure on the inside of your end pinky joint which causes pain. Rocket News24 warns that by doing this very often it may lead to the development of an “indentation between the first and second joints of your pinky”.

This will cause pain every time you move your fingers and hands, tendinitis or even carpal tunnel syndrome. So you need to take breaks from using the phone and avoid using your pinky finger for supporting the phone weight. This may be difficult but you will avoid “smartphone pinky” deformity

You can also try to type on your phone after you put it on the table as you won’t burden your hand in this way.

Read about several easy stretches you can do at home to alleviate pain in your fingers:

– Apply heat or cold compress on the painful area. Cold compress is a better option because heat can cause swelling and more pain.

– Stretch your hand back and pull your fingers gently towards yourself while your arm is turned upside-down.

– Massage the tightness and nodules. Use your fingers and press down on the forearm, moving up and down to search for nodules. They occur when the muscles go into spasm.

– Stretch your arm out and extend the hand backward, stretching the muscles.

– Stretch on your own by putting your hands together in a prayer-type gesture, and hold it for a few seconds.

– Bend your hand forward. Turn your wrist down and pull your fingers down and toward yourself.

Source: http://www.myilifestyle.com

WOMEN NEED TO KNOW THIS:There are Deadly Bacteria and Even Traces of Feces in Your Bags!!!!

The next time you reach into your purse to take out your wallet or something else, maybe you should know what kind of dangers are hidden inside, some even fatal-warn  the experts.

WOMEN YOU NEED TO KNOW THISThere  are Deadly Bacteria and Even Traces of Feces in Your Bags!!!!

According to one study, in women’s bags from which samples were taken , E. coli , harmful bacteria, and even traces of feces were found. All of these were also found at the bottom of laptop bags and gym bags.

During the study, in the women’s bags were found bacteria that can be used to poison food, which can be very dangerous, such as the aforementioned E. coli and fecal streptococci, which can cause pneumonia and bacterial meningitis.

The study also dealt with the habits of the women who had these bags and found that 33 percent of women never clean their bags. Men are not much better, 28 percent confirm that they do not clean their bags. A large number of respondents also admitted to wearing dirty underwear.

Also, one fifth of respondents are chewing gums that are found on the bottom of the bag. They previously clean the gum from hair and dust.

FOR SLIM WAIST: Two Tablespoons a Day and Goodbye Belly Fat !!

By using this syrup you will reduce your waist and get rid of excess water from the body. These ingredients are good for vision, hearing and memory. The main ingredient of this elixir for weight loss is horseradish, which is rich in vitamin C, potassium, vitamin B1 and B6, iron, vitamin B2, magnesium and phosphorus. Horseradish boosts the metabolism, reduces fatigue and stimulates the growth of good bacteria in intestines.

FOR SLIM WAIST Two Tablespoons a Day and Get Rid of Belly Fat !!


  • 125 grams of fresh horseradish
  • 4 lemons
  • 3 tablespoons honey
  • 2 teaspoons cinnamon
  • 2 cm ginger root


In a blender mix the horseradish and ginger. Add the squeezed lemon juice and blend them for another three minutes. Then add the honey and cinnamon and continue to blend them well. The syrup should be stored in a glass jar. Consume one tablespoon twice a day before meals or before exercise. Consume it for three weeks and then make a pause for several days.

Before using this remedy consult your doctor.



Reflexology is actually a massage technique which is used to improve your health and help with various pains. This technique was used by Chinese people for many years and these ancient healers knew how our bodies work and how everything is connected.

So they realized that by putting pressure on specific points on the body they can cleanse the organs, improve blood flow and even cure certain diseases.  There are hundreds of touch points on the body


Which Touch point Helps With Stress and Sleep?

There is one touch point which will help you to get rid of stress, pain, to sleep better and against menstrual cramps. This point is known as San Yin Jiao spot – or SP6. It is located on the lower leg, behind the shin, four fingers above the ankle on the inside of the leg.

You need to rub your hands together until they are warm enough, then with two or three fingers press the San Yin Jiao spot and massage gently. After some time start to rub harder but continue with slow massage.

What Does San Yin Jiao Do?

Above we have mentioned that this massage will help with stress, cramps and insomnia but it is beneficial for other things as well. Because everything in our bodies is connected and there are veins in the San Yin Jiao spot, with massaging this spot frequently, the skin will become more elastic. With rubbing this spot, you will improve the spleen function which leads to more beautiful skin.

The spleen function is to produce and removes blood cells so when you massage the above mentioned spot, the spleen is more effective with replacing blood cells. These blood cells on the other hand are responsible for bringing nutrients and oxygen throughout the body.

After this massage you will have better sleep, less stress and rejuvenated skin. It will also boost your libido and normalize the hormone level. Women who want to get pregnant should massage this point to stimulate the ovaries and uterus.

To achieve better results  massage this point for 10 minutes every day in the evening.

What’s The Point?

There are many points on the body and each of these points is connected with different body parts. There are points against headaches and migraines, against back pain, cold and flu as well as for improving digestion.

It is time to find some of these points and massage them. But remember -the massage is more effective if someone else is doing the massage- so ask your friend and take turns!

Source: http://www.healthy-holistic-living.com

TOOTH PAIN DISAPPEARS IN A FLASH: Eliminate Toothache in 7 MINUTES Without Opening the Mouth!

Toothache is the worst pain. Often is so unbearable that you must visit your dentist immediately. But if your dentist is not available then the following advice can surely help to alleviate the pain in 7 minutes only.

TOOTH PAIN DISAPPEARS IN A FLASH Eliminate Toothache in 7 MINUTES Without Opening the Mouth!

Study conducted in Canada showed that the toothache can disappear or at least can be alleviated and you don’t even need to open your mouth. Take some ice cubes and put them between the thumb and the index finger. Gently rub the area with the ice cubes for 5-7 minutes.

This area contains nerve endings which are connected with the pain center in the brain that controls the pain level in hands and head. 90% of the participants in the study confirmed that this technique helped them with the toothache.

Source: http://www.myilifestyle.com