Don’t Drink Green Tea for Weight Loss Until You Read This Guide!

Green tea lovers are aware that this healthy beverage is extremely effective in the fight against unwanted fats in the body and it also boosts the metabolism. There are numerous green tea products on the market from iced tea to green tea flavored ice cream. You can choose any of them but the question is: are they all equally beneficial? Will they all help you in losing weight?

Don’t drink green tea for weight loss until you read this guide

Below in the text you will find the right answers to your question:

Fresh Green Tea

Although green tea cannot spoil, it is best to use a fresh tea bag. Once you open the box with tea bags, make sure to drink the tea within 6 months. An old tea bag can help in losing weight but the antioxidants it contains will soon diminish.

Brand Matters

There are certain brands which offer green tea with high quality and you should choose these products if you want to lose weight. Although green tea has many health benefits it doesn’t contain many vitamins. That is why you need to choose brands that contain natural ingredients without artificial preservatives.

Green Tea with Other Flavors

On the market you can also find green tea products which come with various flavors as pomegranate, cranberry etc. Those products are healthy but still avoid the ones with sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Cold vs. Hot Tea

There isn’t a big difference between hot and cold green tea. But you must know that iced teas are diluted with water. So although the iced tea is beneficial you should choose the hot tea if you want to lose extra pounds. When you prepare the tea do not completely boil the water. Before it starts to boil pour the water over your tea bag and wait for 2 minutes before you drink it.

Green Tea on the Go

If you don’t have time to prepare the tea, just put green tea extract in water. This technique is also effective if you know the right measurement.  Remember one ml of the extract is equal to 10 cups of green tea.

Green tea is still number one beverage that is used worldwide. It is rich in antioxidants and nutrients which help in burning fat.


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