The Amazing Healing Power Of Cat Purrs

If you don’t have a pet and you really think it’s time to buy or adopt one, you may consider to get this amazing fur baby- CAT

Why are cats so special?

The Amazing Healing Power Of Cat Purrs

There are many reasons and some of them are:

  • They don’t require much effort as you don’t need o take them out for walks unlike the dogs.
  • You don’t need to bathe the cat as they are doing their bathroom business alone.
  • They are loving animals
  • They have their own personality and are very smart
  • They are also really cute- watch some cat videos if you don’t believe.
  • But do you know that cats, actually their purrs have healing powers?

A Brief History Of Cats

There is a strong connection between cats and humans for thousands of years. Explorers found the oldest remains of wild cat buried with a human in Cyprus. Those remains were around 9,500 years old.

Cats were also appreciated and even worshiped in Ancient Egypt. They also had a goddess, Bastet, which had a head of a cat. She was a goddess of war and protection.

Chinese farmers also worshiped a cat god-  Li-Shou who protected their crops from rats and mice. In Poland people also had cat god, Ovinnik, who chased the evil spirits. The Peruvian cat god was known as Ai-apaec and the Welsh goddess was Ceridwen and she was accompanied by white cats to help her in the human world.

The Healing Power Of A Cat’s Purr

A new research has proven that cat’s purr has therapeutic properties when in the range of 25 – 150 Hz. People who have cats are less prone to certain medical conditions, sleep better and have a reduced risk of a heart attack by 40% and this is due to the fact that cats help people to relax.

Cat purr vibrations can help you with:

  • Wound recovery
  • Tendon repair
  • Muscle growth
  • Muscle repair
  • Joint mobility
  • Bone recovery and growth
  • Dyspnea
  • Shortness of breath Pain relief

What If You Are Allergic To Cats?

There are hypoallergenic cat breeds:

  • Balinese-Javanese
  • Cornish Rex
  • Burmese
  • Devon Rex
  • Ocicat
  • Siberian
  • Russian Blue
  • Sphynx
  • Bengal
  • Siamese
  • Oriental Shorthair

If you decide to adopt a cat you can go to the Human Society or maybe there are kittens around your community who need a good and safe home. But you must be aware that although they have healing properties, cats are also a big responsibility. You must have time, right environment and love for them.


Prepare This Tasty And Delicious Drink if You Want To Lose Weight!

Excess weight is linked with excessive fat deposits in the body. Accumulated fat destroys your overall health and significantly affects the function of body organs as the heart, liver, kidneys, joints, and especially your knees and hips.

Prepare This Tasty And Delicious Drink if You Want To Lose Weight!

People suffering from obesity are prone to diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease etc.

If you have problems with excess weight and want to lose extra pounds, try this simple drink.


»1 lemon

»60 grams parsley

»300 ml water


Squeeze the lemon, chop the parsley, put them in a bowl and cover with water.


In the following 5 days, every morning before breakfast consume this drink. Then, make a pause for 10 days and then again repeat the whole procedure. You can repeat the treatment as long as you want to lose weight.

This drink accelerates the fat burning process and is also rich in vitamins and minerals which are important for the whole organism.

Parsley improves digestion and cleans the body from excess fluids. It also will makes you feel less bloated.

Do You Skip Breakfast? Stop Immediately if You Want to Stay Healthy!!!

If you are one of those people who skip breakfast, after reading this text you may soon change this unhealthy habit. The risk of having a heart attack or suffer from some heart ‘illnesses’ is by 27% higher in people who skip breakfast than in people who start the day with breakfast.

Do You Skip Breakfast Stop Immediately if You Want to Stay Healthy!!!

If you are one of those people who skip breakfast, after reading this text you may soon change this unhealthy habit. The risk of having a heart attack or suffer from some heart ‘illnesses’ is by 27% higher in people who skip breakfast than in people who start the day with breakfast.

The numbers do not lie. Researchers from Harvard analyzed data obtained from sixteen years of research, in which were involved nearly 27,000 health professionals, all men, who followed their eating habits and their overall health condition between 1992 and 2008. During this period, 1,572 men suffered from some heart disease.

“We know so much about reducing the risk of heart disease, as well as that exercise and quitting smoking requires a lot of effort. However, having breakfast is easy and not demanding as it is not time-consuming or expensive. Eat at least a bowel of cereals before you start the day, “said Eric Rimm, an author and an epidemiology and nutrition professor at the School of Public Health at Harvard University.

Breakfast usually contains healthy foods and by skipping this vital meal, we destroy out health. Research from Harvard University found that men who skip breakfast are skipping one more meal during the day, which leads to overeating and consuming high-calorie meals- claims Rimm.

The study also found that the risk of heart disease is increased by 55% in men who regularly eat late at night. Until now, much attention has been paid to research on the quality and type of food, and a little about how we need to consume those foods.

“There isn’t a research conducted only on women, but I think that the results will be the same,” says Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum, a cardiologist at Lenox Hill Hospital.

She Soaks Her Nails Into This Mixture Every Day and after Watching the Video You will Do the Same!!! (VIDEO)

This remarkable, natural recipe with olive oil will make your nails long and healthy!

The video below will show you how to use this incredible mixture which will accelerate the nails’ growth with incredible speed.

To prepare this amazing mixture, you will need some olive oil, freshly squeezed orange juice and garlic.

Mix orange juice and garlic in a bowl and soak your nails for about 10 minutes. After that, soak your nails in pure olive oil for 5 minutes.

For best results, use this mixture twice a week. Undoubtedly, the results are amazing!

This Weird Trick Can Cure Your Ear Infection

Ear infections can be quite severe medical conditions. They can last for days especially in young children who are prone to ear infections.

Otitis is the medical term for an ear infection and there are three different areas in which infection can occur:

This Weird Trick Can Cure Your Ear Infection

External Otitis

This infection is known as swimmer’s ear and it occurs in the outer ear and canal. Due to this type of infection, the ear is extremely sensitive to touch and may become inflamed and red. This infection usually appears due to fungal infection and bacterial build up on the skin in the ear tube.

Otitis Media or Middle Ear Infection

This type of pain appears due to buildup of fluid behind the eardrum or as a result of ear drum perforation. Although it usually appears in children, adults can suffer from this medical condition as well.  This pain can cause headaches and fever.

Otitis Internal

This inner ear infection is more serious as it may cause hearing loss and balance problems because sensory organs for balance are located in the inner ear. If you have inner ear inflammation you can suffer from vertigo and headaches.

So is there a way to help yourself if you experience pain due to ear infection?

Unless you suffer from serious ear infection you can try some natural remedies and methods before taking antibiotics. There are numerous natural recipes you can prepare at home.

Besides the infection you want to get rid of, you will also want to alleviate the annoying pain as well. Below you can find one of the best ways to defeat pain and it will also help to draw the toxins out of the ear:

Salt Sock Method

The recipe is quite simple- clean white sock filled with coarse ground sea salt.

The minerals in the sea salt have antiseptic and healing properties, which is why it is able to retain heat that helps in soothing inflamed ears and in alleviating pain instantly.

You’ll need:

  • 1 large clean athletic sock (if you have ear leakage, white is best as you’ll be able to notice it right away)
  • 2 cups coarse sea salt

Fill the sock with the salt and tie a tight knot in order to get a package the size of your hand. You just need to put the salt sock on a clean, dry pan over low heat and rotate the sock for about 5 minutes to get a moderate to hot level of warmth.

Put the sock over your ear, but it should also cover the part below your ear and jawbone. The pain will be gone immediately. You can place the sock in the fridge so you can use it every time you experience pain in the ear.


How to Achieve Optimal Health With Carrot Coconut Soup

Carrot Coconut Soup is extremely healthy and amazing as it is rich in vitamin A and is made of healthy ingredients: coconut, ginger and carrots.

Unlike canned soups which are made of modified starch, additives (monosodium glutamate or (MSG)) and soy protein, Carrot coconut Soup is made of real whole food ingredients.

What is even more amazing is that this soup is prepared in 30 minutes only! So you need  only 30 minutes to be healthier.

How to Achieve Optimal Health With Carrot Coconut Soup



They are rich in vitamin K1, calcium, vitamin C and beta carotene. If consumed with other healthy ingredients, the nutrients found in carrots will protect your body against heart disease, stroke and will also help in building strong bones.

Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is proven to contain vitamins B, C and E, antioxidants, iron, magnesium, potassium and phosphorous. Coconut oil also contains lauric acid, fat which is converted into monolaurin. Monolaurin is a monoglyceride which acts against lipid-coated viruses like herpes, measles, influenza and protozoa like Giardia lamblia.

Bone Broth

Bone Broth contains important nutrients which will improve your overall health. It is easily digestible and is also proven to heal the lining of the gut.

Sweet Potatoes

They are rich in beta carotene which is a powerful antioxidant important for your immune system. It also reduces the risk of cancer and heart disease.


Turmeric contains curcumin. Curcumin is a polyphenol with amazing 150 potentially healing properties. Among many others it has anti- inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.


Ginger is considered to be effective pain killer as it has anti- inflammatory properties. It is also antibacterial, antiviral, anti- parasitic and antioxidant.


  • 5 ounce coconut milk
  • 4 medium cloves garlic
  • 2 cups sliced carrots
  • 2 tablespoons sliced ginger
  • 1 cup sweet potato,
  • 1 tablespoon + 3 cups bone broth
  • 1 large onion
  • 1 teaspoon turmeric or curry powder
  • White pepper and salt to taste


    1. After chopping the onion, leave it for at least 5 minutes to bring out its health benefits.
    2. Put 1 tablespoon broth in a pot and heat it. Then add the onion in the broth, heat it for five minutes on medium heat. You must stir the broth often.
    3. Add the garlic and ginger and cook for one more minute.
    4. Add turmeric or curry and stir well.
    5. Add the broth, carrots and sweet potatoes. Bring to simmer for 15 minutes or until vegetables are softened. Add the coconut milk.
    6. Then blend in batches, while making sure that then blender is not more than half full. Add pepper and salt for better taste.
    7. Put the blended mixture into the soup pot and reheat.


AMERICA is Crazy About This Diet: ‘Bulletproof coffee’ Melts Excessive Pounds and Improves IQ? (VIDEO)

Doctors are critical and say that this diet works as well as any other in which people are simply deprived of food. Amy Schnabel, a nutritionist from Los Angeles emphasizes: “If you burst of energy and mental clarity, it’s probably from the placebo effect,”.

AMERICA is Crazy About This Diet 'Bulletproof coffee' Melts Excessive Pounds and Improves IQ (VIDEO)

Although doctors are skeptical, the Americans are crazy about  this new diet based on coffee with fat, and this beverage apparently helps in weight loss and raises IQ.

” Bulletproof diet stimulates the brain, provides energy, improves work abilities, and makes you a better parent, a friend and a good person, “said Dave Asprey who invented the new popular way of losing weight. Magic drink, “bulletproof” coffee is prepared  with adding a teaspoon of butter, preferably ghee, and a little coconut oil. Sugar ,honey and milk are strictly forbidden.

Hollywood, Silicon Valley and Wall Street are crazy about this new favorite morning beverage which can make the person satiated for  5-6 hours, protects the heart, helps in weight loss process and rises IQ.

“You drink a cup of coffee in the morning and you don’t think about food for a long period of time. The brain receives energy that does not come from sugar, you don’t feel hungry and you feel a kind of freedom, “says Dave Asprey, which has invented the recipe. “You lose weight because your metabolism works and you don’t consume snacks between meals,” he adds.

The idea was born during a trip to Tibet in 2004 when he felt the symptoms of altitude sickness, until he tasted their tea with yak butter. Impressed by the miraculous effect of this energy drink, he decided to adapt it to the western lifestyle.

Doctors are critical and say that this diet works as well as any other in which people are simply deprived of food. Amy Schnabel, a nutritionist from Los Angeles emphasizes: “If you burst of energy and mental clarity, it’s probably from the placebo effect,”.

It smells really good, as if the aroma of coffee is mixed with the aroma of fresh popcorn with butter. It has color and texture as the white coffee but this drinks is thick and creamy. The taste is quite good, just enough butter suppresses the bitterness of coffee and is especially suitable for those people who  normally don’t  like black coffee.

Asprey clarifies that “bulletproof  coffee”:

    • the quality coffee contains a very few toxins that would act against caffeine.
    • much fat slows down,and at the same time boosts the effect of caffeine on the brain to work faster.
    • the butter is full of antioxidants, good cholesterol and vitamin K, which are known to have positive effects on the body.
    • Coconut oil is the main source of lauric acid, medium chain triglycerides (MCT). It’s the fat that acts as a carbohydrate, is directly processed by the liver, and provides your body with energy.
    • a lot of fat trigger the so-called ketogenic process in the body, which means that the body gets the energy from fat and not from carbohydrates and so after using the fat from coffee,the body will begin to use the accumulated fat in the body.

The Popular Food That Causes Diabetes, Heart Disease and Stroke

Many people are aware that ramen instant noodles are not healthy but still there are individuals who are denying that they can harm their health. They are quite cheap so most of the collage kids consume instant noodles.

The Popular Food That Causes Diabetes, Heart Disease and Stroke

There was a recent study on how ramen instant noodles affect our health, and it showed that they increase the risk of metabolic changes which lead to heart disease and stroke.

Why Does Ramen Noodles Cause Heart Disease?

Ramen noodles are proven to contain Tertiary-butyl hydroquinone (TBHQ,). It is a food additive and a byproduct of the petroleum industry which is used in preserving cheap processed food.

A gastrointestinal specialist used lapse video inside the stomach to see what will happen after two hours of consuming instant noodles. The results were devastating.

Unlike homemade noodles, the processed noodles were not digested properly. This prevents nutrient absorption and also in this way the preservatives stay longer in the stomach before they end up in the intestines and are eliminated.

What’s Bad About Instant Noodles?

They are made of wheat flour, palm oil, sugar and salt. But they also contain artificial flavoring and color. Their flavored packets contain powdered salt, seasonings, sugar and monosodium glutamate.

We all know that artificial colors and flavors destroy our body and so the high sodium content and processed wheat are only cherry on top of this delicious bowl of food.

Instant noodles contain over 2,700 mg of sodium.

This product may be delicious and cheap but you should avoid it for good especially if you want to preserve your heart and overall health.


South Korea is familiar by the high number of instant noodle consumers in the world. A research conveyed in this country showed that in 11,000 individuals those who consumed more instant noodles were more prone to diabetes, stroke and metabolic syndrome. So pay more attention to what your family and children consume. Try to prepare homemade food like homemade paste or snacks.



Have you heard about menstrual cup? If you want to stop using tampons which are proven to contain bleach, are tested on animals and can cause toxic shock syndrome, read and find out what is menstrual cup.


Now that you know that tampons are not healthy, beside pads, there is a product known as menstrual cup. There are many women who are using it and are sharing their experience online. Some girls will want to try it but also there are some who need some convincing.

This is a small cup which can be found in 2 sizes- small and large. They are made of medical-grade silicone or natural rubber latex which is inserted in the vagina, catches the menstrual blood and then you need to remove it and empty it when is full, usually after up to 12 hours.

The most negative thing about these cups is hygiene. You must keep in mind to wash your hands every time you take it out and put it in your vagina as it can cause urinary tract infections. You should also wash the cup every time you use it. You can use castile soap for washing both hands and the menstrual cup.


How To Get Pregnant With a Boy or a Girl

In the past 50 years, Dr Shettles is known as the best influential fertility expert and the father of IVF. His book “How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby” made him really famous.

The sperm that fertilizes the woman egg determines the baby’s sex. If the sperm carries an X-chromosome the baby will be XX and will become a girl. If the sperm carries a Y-chromosome the baby will be XY, a boy. Based on this, the doctor is advising couples how to conceive a baby with the desired sex. Burt still there isn’t enough scientific evidence that can support this theory.

How To Get Pregnant With a Boy or a Girl

His theory is based on the fact that the sperm which carries the Y chromosomes is weaker and faster than the sperm which carries the X chromosomes. The X sperm is slower but it is able to survive longer than the Y sperm.

Furthermore, the doctor claims that if you carefully choose the time of the intercourse you will be able to influence your baby’s sex.

It is also very important to know when you are ovulating and you can achieve this by monitoring your fertility signals as cervical mucus, your BBT or cervical position or you can use ovulation test.

How To Get Pregnant With a Boy or a Girl

How to conceive a boy:

If you want to conceive a boy Dr. Shettles recommends the following things:

Avoid intercourse 4-5 days before ovulation because this will help to build up the man’s sperm count. It is also recommended to have sex on the day of the ovulation because then the woman is most fertile. Because the Y sperm is faster it will reach the egg sooner than the X sperm.

The alkalinity of the “egg white” cervical mucus before ovulation is extremely suitable for the Y sperm to survive. That is why you should have sex before ovulation as the Y sperm cannot survive longer in more acidic environment.

Dr Shettles advises having an orgasm before or at the same time as your partner because during the female orgasm, alkalinity increases. Also during orgasm, the woman’s reproductive system becomes larger which allows the Y sperm to reach the egg faster.

Dr Shettles also advises couples to do doggy style or other position suitable for deep penetration. This will allow deeper ejaculation, near the cervix, so the Y sperm will have less distance to travel.

How to conceive a girl:

Dr Shettles recommends:

On the contrary, if you want a baby girl than you should have sex more often before ovulation but avoid intercourse 2-3 days before and on the day of ovulation. Sperm can live up to 6 days in the female reproductive organ and after ovulation the tougher X sperm will stay longer to fertilize the egg.

Have sex in a position which allows shallow penetration. Missionary style is recommended because the sperm reaches in lower parts of the reproductive system where the environment is less alkaline. This environment will prevent the Y sperm and allow the X sperm to travel.

If you want a baby girl then you shouldn’t have orgasms because they increase the alkalinity of the reproductive system.

A lot of people do not believe in this theory as there aren’t enough and precise evidences which support it.

Also if you have problems with conceiving a baby, Dr Shettles recommends having as much sex as possible around the time of ovulation.

But if you want to choose your baby’s gender then you can try, Dr Shettles’ timing method. It is nothing too complicated if you can determine the day of your ovulation.