Rub This Oil On Your Joints And Wake Up Without Pain

Chronic pain affects a large number of people. There can be a number of contributing factors for this common ailment, but the most common is arthritis or inflammation in one or more joints.

Luckily, symptoms of arthritis can be significantly reduced and in a completely natural way.

Rub This Oil On Your Joints And Wake Up Without Pain

Blue Essential Oil Blend

There are various over-the-counter essential oils and ointments that are extremely beneficial for reducing joint pain and inflammation caused by arthritis. One such powerful blend combines several plants including wintergreen, camphor, peppermint, blue tansy, blue chamomile, helichrysum and osmanthus. In fact, this is one of the most powerful combinations specifically created to reduce joint and muscle discomfort with oils that have proven pain-relieving anti-inflammatory properties.

When using essential oils topically, it’s important to know that they are best mixed with a carrier oil rather than used directly on the affected area.

Some reviews of the Blue essential oil by people who’ve already tried it state:

I mixed 2-3 drops of Blue essential oil blend with a small amount of Fractionated Coconut Oil (a very fine liquid form of coconut oil ) and massaged it into my knee. I didn’t experience any immediate effects, so I went to sleep – and stayed asleep! My knee pain didn’t wake me up in the night and my stiffness was decreased by morning.

I used the blend just FIVE times and decreased my knee pain from 97% of the time, down to 3 %! From that point I’ve only had to use it about 2-3 times week on my knees and have also begun to use it if I have sciatic pain, lower back pain and neck pain with the same results. I also maintain the effect with occasional applications of muscle soothing Blue Rubbing cream.” (PureOils International)

Note: An important aspect of essential oils or oil blends is their purity and quality.

Precautions: This blend is made of some strong oils so it’s necessary that you dilute it prior to use. Also, check for skin sensitivity before use. And, don’t use it on children.

Deep Blue Essential Oil is available on

Important: This oil blend can produce different effects in different people. Therefore, it’s vital to consult a doctor before use.


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