11 Butt Moves That Beat Lunges For The Perfectly Round Butt In No Time!

It’s more than evident that curvaceous behinds are more fashionable than ever and women are just craving for that perfectly shaped round butt like never before. Just look at the images of curvaceous stars on the pages of celebrity magazines and you’ll get a clear picture. If it used to be all about the skinny figure, the latest trend is more flesh from the back, and we certainly like it.11 Butt Moves That Beat Lunges For The Perfectly Round Butt In No Time

Everywhere you turn, eyes are on bottoms. And whatever the shape of your butt, chances are, you want to improve it.

Paul Sorace, a trainer in Bayonne, N.J. says : “At the very least, 99% of the women I train want to work with the glutes.” Just as many men equate having a muscular chest with being buff, for lots of women, “having a fit body is having a tighter set of buns.”

If a woman feels confident about having great glutes, she’s not too shy to show it off,” says Marilyn Gansel, a fitness trainer and owner of wellness studios in Stanford and Kent, Conn. “People are starting to see that curves are sexy.” We certainly prefer this trend instead of the skinny skeleton one.

But what’s the best way to get that perfectly shaped, curvaceous behind?

Experts say that lunges are the best workout routine that hits the glutes and we are sure they are. But they can be so boring sometimes, repeating the same exercise a million times. Plus they shape your butt in one direction only. So, is there a better solution?

If you like to shake things up and prevent falling asleep while working out, we recommend the following   11 modifications of the usual lunges which will give you better results and you’ll have more fun doing them.

Watch the video below and follow the routine. They will challenge every part of your body you just need to do them and watch your behind getting rounder and rounder.


Eliminate Back Fat And Underarm Flab With 4 Quick Exercises

There’s no question that the greatest concern of most women in summer is getting their body beach-ready. When it comes to losing those extra pounds that keep you away from your desired weight, it seems that you can slim down anywhere but your back and arms. And we all know that a back bulge is nothing pleasant to look at.

But, don’t worry, as we’ve picked out the 4 most effective exercises targeting your back and underarms. If you do these regularly, we guarantee that these areas on your body will be fat-free in just 3 weeks. And, you’ll be ready the show the best of your figure in that new, sexy swimming suit.
If you’re ready for a challenge, go for it – you have nothing to lose, but a few pounds.


  1. Push and Touch targets your chest, shoulders, and upper back.

– get into a standing position, your feet shoulder-width apart;

– keep your arms down sideways, your palms facing forward;
–  lift your arms up at shoulder height, your palms facing up;

– you should feel a burn at this point;

– slowly lift your arms over your head, your palms facing behind you;
– return your arms slowly to shoulder height, pause a couple of seconds then back in your starting position;

– for optimal benefit, don’t move any other part of your body while doing the exercise;
– repeat the exercise 6-8 times in 3 sets.

  1. Bent-Over Circular Rowtargets your biceps, chest, mid-back, and upper back.

– bend your knees slightly keeping your abdominal muscles ready for support.
– bend forward bringing your upper body parallel to the floor;

– keep your hands stretched downwards;
– slowly rotate your arms to the left, up and toward your chest, over to the right, and down;

– repeat the movement to the right;
– repeat the exercise 10-12 times in 3 sets.

  1. Crisscross Reverse Flytargets your upper back and shoulders.

– start with your knees slightly bent;

– lean your torso forward at about 45-degrees;
– cross your arms at the wrists in front of the knees;

– raise your arms slowly and when you reach shoulder height, bring them back down to starting position;

– repeat with hands crossed in the opposite way;
– repeat the exercise 10-12 times in 3 sets.

  1. Elbow Kisstargets your shoulders and chest.

– your palms facing up, lift your arms sideways at shoulder height;
– bend your elbows to form a 90 degree angle pulling your arms together in front of your chest until your elbows and forearms touch;

– keep your shoulders down while doing the exercise;
– go back to starting position slowly;
– repeat the exercise 10-12 times in 3 sets.

If you want to get the quickest results, do the workout session for 12 minutes, 3 times a week for 3 weeks.

Via healthonlinecentral.com

Five Easy Exercises To Get Rid Of Muffin Top Right At Home

With the summer fast approaching, the muffin top is every woman’s nightmare. You’ll all agree that keeping the belly flat requires a lot of time and effort, but, if you’re time-bound and can’t fulfill an adamant workout regimen, here we recommend the top 5 exercises to do at home to reduce your waist size and lose the muffin top at the same time.

The exercises have been proposed by professional and certified trainer Matt.


  • The high plank– lying on the floor in a push-position, tighten your buttocks (you should feel your navel getting close to your spine). Lift yourself to a plank position, hold for 15 minutes then lower yourself back to the floor. Do 10 reps of the exercise.
  • The lunge reach – stand up, your feet hip-width apart. Slightly bend your knees while placing your arms aside. Lift your arms above your head lunging forward with the left leg. Push off your left leg to return. Alternate legs. Switching sides, do 16 repetitions of the lunge.
  • The hands-up hop – stand up, your feet hip-width apart; bend your knees slightly. Put your hands on your hips. Raise your right knee stepping forward with the left foot. Stretch your arms above your head hopping straight up on your left leg. Hands on your feet, land with your feet together. Switching sides, do 20 repetitions of the exercise.

  • The squat jump – this exercise may cause a little burning. Stand up, your feet shoulder-width apart. Bend your knees slightly placing your hands sideways. Raise your arms above your head then Follow by jumping straight up. Bringing your hands down, land in a squat. Do 12 repetitions.
  • The lunge jump – bending your left leg, put your arms above your head in a lunge position. Jump straight up switching legs in mid-air so that you land in a lunge with your right leg in front. Do 12 repetitions for wash side.

Now, get your beach body ready!

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6 Best Exercises For Tight And Lifted Butt From Fitness Star Amanda LeeBy

The butt is made up of three main muscles: the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus. They all help our upper legs to move in all directions.


“Every time you take a step, you’re using your glute muscles,” says Amanda. “That’s why we have glutes. Their function is to allow us to run, walk, squat and move. You’re working your rear end all the time.”

Walking is great for the glutes. For better results try walking uphill or use the incline feature of the treadmill. But prevent your back from bending forward.

Amanda was not fit her entire life. As a teenager she was very skinny and had only 44 kilogram. To improve her mental state, she started exercising regularly and consuming healthy food. Now she is a role model for many young girls all over the world.

Here are the best 6 exercises for tighten and butt lifting that she reccomends:

  1. Squat Side Kick- 25 reps

1. Squat Side Kick- 25 reps

2.Glute Bridge – 25 reps

2. Glute Bridge-25 rep

3.Pulse Squats -25 reps

3. Pulse Squats -25 reps

4. Clamshells Exercise – 25 reps

4. Clamshells Exercise – 25 reps

5.Clamshells Hight Exercise – 25 reps

5. Clamshells Hight Excercise- 25 rep

6.Donkey Kicks Exercise – 25 reps

6. Donkey Kicks -25 rep

Source: http://www.healthyveganstyle.com



Brazilian Butt Lift 5-Minute Workout

You need only 5 minutes a day to tone and lift your butt. Brazilian women are well known all over the world by their beautiful bodies and the good news is that you don’t need to go to Brazil to have a perfect body. Leonardo Carvalho is from Brazil and he works at the Equinox Fitness Clubs in New York City. He claims that these 5 exercises are all you need for perfect butt:

Brazilian Butt Lift 5-Minute Workout

  1. Brazilian Butt Lift Pile

Minutes 0:00-1:00

  • Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, arms at sides, toes turned out.
  • Tuck tailbone under and contract glutes.
  • Lower body into a pli? Squat as low as you can go without allowing knees to creep past toes.
  • Simultaneously raise arms to shoulder height in front of body, palms down. Hold for 2 seconds, and then return to starting position.
  • After 20 reps, pulse at the bottom for 20 seconds.


  1. Brazilian Butt Lift Touchdown

Minutes 1:00-2:00

  • Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, toes pointed forward.
  • Squat down until knees are bent 90 degrees.
  • Step left leg back into a deep reverse lunge, placing right hand along outside of right thigh or touching the floor.
  • Raise left hand in front of face, palm facing out.
  • Return to starting position and repeat, alternating sides.


  1. Brazilian Butt Lift Explosive Lunge

Minutes 2:00-3:00

  • Lunge forward with left leg until knee is bent 90 degrees, directly over ankle, right knee pointing towards the floor.
  • Jump up, pushing off the floor with both feet. Switch legs in midair, landing with right foot forward in a lunge. Continue, alternating sides.


  1. Brazilian Butt Lift Single-Leg Squat with Towel

Minutes 3:00-4:00

  • Stand with feet together, toes pointed forward, arms at sides with right foot on top of a small folded towel.
  • Shifting weight to left leg, bend left knee 45 to 90 degrees while sliding right leg and towel slowly out to the side as far as is comfortable for a count of 4.
  • Slowly draw right leg back to start for a count of 4 while straightening left leg.
  • Repeat for 30 seconds; switch sides.


  1. Brazilian Butt Lift Squat with Kick-Back

Minutes 4:00-5:00

    • Stand with legs shoulder-width apart, arms at sides.
    • Sit back into a squat keeping weight on heels, then lift right leg straight behind you, keeping hips pointing forward while extending arms.
    • Return to start and switch sides.

Source: http://www.fitnessmagazine.com


Contrary to common belief, the human brain is a very supple and flexible organ. Despite the fact that it does deteriorate with age, surprisingly, it can also be remodeled and its thinking capacity improved.

The article below clarifies how your body can significantly benefit your mind.

It’s a fact that the mind and the body are closely connected. However, a recent study conducted by Wayne State University tried to discover to what extent.


For many years, it was believed that the brain’s structure became unchangeable once adulthood was reached.  But, new evidence suggests quite the opposite.

The Study.

For the purpose of this study, Wayne State University observed the brain activity of lab rats to determine at what point in life and under what circumstances the brain stops to grow. The findings revealed that prolonged periods of sedentary behavior may lead to brain deterioration.

Simple Exercises.

Although your body may require a lot of of tension and many repetitions in order to build muscle, your brain can grow even with the simplest exercises.  Don’t forget to take regular breaks and drink plenty of fluids to keep your energy levels up while doing these simple workouts.

Wall Push Ups.

You can do wall pushups anywhere because all you need for this exercise is a strong flat wall. Start by standing about six inches away from the wall. Place your hands flat against the wall and take 2-3 steps backwards. When your body is diagonal, bend your arms until your face and chest are about an inch away from the wall. Straighten your arms to bring yourself further away from the wall. Repeat this 5 – 10 times.


Stand with your feet 6-8 inches apart. Take a large step forward. Stepping forward allow your knees to bend about 90 degrees. Hold this position for 3 seconds, and then use your forward leg to push yourself back to a standing position. Switch legs and repeat this motion. Do about 5 repetitions for each leg.


This is a low impact exercise, but with amazing results. According to this study, not only will walking stimulate neuron development in your brain, but it will also improve your overall cardiovascular health.

It’s highly advisable to assign a few moments of your day to walking as this can have a significant effect on your brain’s health.

Source: The Hearty Soul

Do This Exercise 4 Minutes for 28 Days and You Will Have a NEW BODY!

If you really want to have amazing body shape accept this challenge as thousands of people around the world did.

If you want to strengthen the central body part, plank is the perfect exercise for you. Because beginners think that this exercise is easy, they often avoid it.

Do This Exercise 4 Minutes for 28 Days and You Will Have a NEW BODY!

Plank will strengthen external and internal muscles of the back, buttocks, arms and legs. It will also melt more fat than sit ups.

You need to stay in push-up position so the muscles would be activated in the same way as when doing push-ups which with time will become stronger and durable.

The Plank Challenge should last for four weeks and its intensity gradually increases every day.

Start the challenge with staying in plank position for 20 sec and the final goal is to endure in that position for four minutes. Your body after this will be able to win bigger challenges and the muscle mass will be enlarged.

Pay attention to make a proper position while you are doing the prank. Make sure that your body is in straight line while you lift it on the elbows and you lean your toes.

To stay in proper position, take a deep breath and make sure that the head and the neck are in the same line with the back. Achieve balance in way you distribute the weight on the elbows and the feet.

Complete this 28 days challenge after you learn how to make a proper body position:

Day 1: 20 seconds

Day 2: 20 seconds

Day 3: 30 seconds

Day 4:  30 seconds

Day 5:  40 seconds

Day 6:  rest

Day 7:  45 seconds

Day 8:  45 seconds

Day 9:  60 seconds

Day 10:  60 seconds

Day 11:  60 seconds

Day 12:  90 seconds

Day 13:  rest

Day 14:  90 seconds

Day 15:  90 seconds

Day 16:  120 seconds

Day 17:  120 seconds

Day 18:  150 seconds

Day 19:  rest

Day 20:  150 seconds

Day 21:  150 seconds

Day 22:  180 seconds

Day 23:  180 seconds

Day 24:  210 seconds

Day 25:  rest

Day 26:  210 seconds

Day 27:  240 seconds

Day 28:  longest you can

In the first 20 sec you will see that the plank is quite demanding position. Different kinds of challenges are linked with different body parts. The procedure is similar. Instead of doing plank you can make more sit-ups or crunches.



Many health conditions can be addressed with running or walking, both of which are great aerobic exercises. These don’t only stimulate weight loss, but also enhance the quality of your sleep, improve your mood, increase your energy level, reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels and lower the risk of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

Although walking is generally more regarded as a mode of transport than exercise, it’s actually one of the most beneficial things you can do for your body and long-term health. For one thing, walking improves cardiovascular health, strengthens and tones your muscles and reduces the risk of disease.


Walking vs. Running

With similar energy expenditure, brisk walking is more efficient in reducing the risk of heart disease than running. According to a study where researchers compared data from two 6-year studies of 33,060 runners and 15,045 walkers aged 18 to 80, walkers experienced greater health benefits than runners when the same amount of energy was burnt.

While running cuts down the risk of heart disease by 4.5%, walking reduced it by 9.3%. Plus, walking greatly affected heart disease risk factors, including:

  • Risk of first-time high blood pressure was reduced by 4.2% by running and 7.2% by walking.
  • First-time high cholesterol risk was lowered by 4.3% by running and 7% by walking.
  • The risk of first-time diabetes was reduced by about 12% by both walking and running.

In the words of Dr Paul Williams, the study leader from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California, both moderate-intensity walking and running provide great health benefits due to the fact that they involve the same muscle groups. The only difference is that they are performed at different intensities. The runners and walkers had to expend the same energy to get the same benefits, which means you’d have to walk longer than you’d have to run in order to have the same effect.

The other advantages of these two outdoor activities are that both are cost-free, easy-to-do anywhere, year-round, and are even social activities. However, running is more demanding than walking; first you must choose an appropriate running program to maximize your conditioning in minimum time.

Dangers Of Pushing Too Hard

A Danish study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, revealed that people who overstrain their bodies may in fact undo the benefit of exercise. Those who ran at a fast pace more than four hours a week, and more than three times per week, were at the same risk of dying during the study’s 12-year follow up, as those who led sedentary life and hardly exercised at all.

Actually, the study found that those who ran less than three times a week for one to 2.4 hours, at a slow to moderate pace were at the lowest risk of dying during the study. Surprisingly, even people who ran slightly more, for 2.5 hours to four hours a week at an average pace, less than 3 times a week, were at a slightly higher mortality risk of 66%.

According to the final results, the best option one can take is the one closer to the ‘less’ side of the curve than the ‘more’ side, meaning you can get the same health and fitness benefits by walking more instead of running more.

Why Walking is Great For Almost Everyone

Walking is ideal for those who are just taking up exercise or those experiencing health problems. Plus, walking can be less stressful on the body for those seriously overweight. In addition, when comparing the pros and cons of running and walking, the repetitive nature of running makes it a greater risk for injury. Also, running is regarded as a high impact exercise, which can lead to injury to the hip, knee and ankle joints. Walking, on the other hand, is a low impact activity and is less harmful to the body.

Walking may be easier on your hip and knee joints, but you should still do lunges or squats twice a week. The RealAge benefit of 10,000 steps a day is feeling 4.6 years younger for women and 4.1 for men. In addition, you can come up with ways to include walking in your work, for example a walking meeting or a treadmill desk.

Still Wanting To Run Rather Than Walk?

In case running is still your no.1 choice, consider a way to lower your risk of injury; for instance, running on the best surfaces such as grass, woodland trails, earth, cinders and man-made tracks. Moreover, good quality shoes are a must. Finally, make sure you run with correct form and steadily increase your mileage.

Source: TheScienceOfEating.com

Stay Fit and Exercise While at Work!

It is said “in healthy body, healthy mind”, but what to do when you work all day in an office, with a lot of paperwork, you spend most of the day inside and you are constantly exposed to unhealthy choices?

Stay Fit and Exercise While at Work!

First, prolonged sitting has a bad effect on your back and thus on the whole organism, because your body organs have a bad position and this can result in series of negative consequences. All that from  8 hours sitting in one place, in the same chair.

So how can you help yourself?

There are several effective exercises that you can do while in office:

Read About 12 Important Reasons Why You Need To Take Your Bike Out from the Garage!

For this alternative vehicle on two wheels goes the well-known saying – You can never forget how to ride a bike

Apart from being an excellent cardio exercise, it burns calories and quickly takes you to the desired destination. Cycling is a very fun activity that will make you really happy. Warm summer days are ideal for cycling and you can do it individually or in company.

Read About 12 Important Reasons Why You Need To Take Your Bike Out from the Garage!

In addition, read a few additional reasons why it is desirable to take your bike out from the garage and start using it more often.

1.Burn calories and tones your legs

Cycling is a great way to burn a lot of calories without extreme physical effort. Your weight, the resistance setting of your bicycle, speed of pedaling, as well as the path you have chosen, affect the number of calories burned while cycling.

Example: with one-hour normal cycling a person with 55 kg can burn 220 calories.

In same time you tone your legs and hips, and with proper seating on the bicycle, abdominal muscles are activated. Cycling strengthens your back and with standing up occasionally and turning the pedals you will be able to easily tone your butt.

2.Relieves stress

Everyday worries and problems are exhausting and increase the stress level as well. Your mind and body feel it too. Do yourself a favor, take your bike and start riding it, because it has therapeutic effect. By going out into nature and in fresh air you will feel instant relief and improve your condition.

The more you enjoy during physical activity, the sooner you will get rid of stress. Turning pedals is similar as a meditation. Concentrate on proper and energetic turnings and block all negative thoughts. The bike really works as a magical eraser of stress and anxiety.

3.Controls the appetite

A survey conducted at the University of Surrey found that cycling can help in controlling the appetite. This exercise will tame the desire for more food.

In fact, persons who participated in the study had the same usual breakfast, and then were divided into two groups. While one stayed to rest, others went cycling. It was found that only 60 minute riding a bike is sufficient to activate hormones that reduce the feeling of hunger, which results in consuming significantly less food and calories.

4.It increases energy and feeling of happiness

Only 30 minutes cycling a day is needed to boost your energy without additional supplements to which you are accustomed to, as huge amounts of coffee. You are mistaken if you believe that physical activity will make you exhausted. It actually stimulates you and gives you more energy to survive your day.

Like any other physical activity, cycling makes you feel happy, because the “happy hormones” are released- serotonin and dopamine, which help you stay happy and motivated.

5.Protects the heart

It has been proven that cycling reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. This fun physical activity will reduce the risk of various diseases such as heart complications, type 2 diabetes or cancer. Regulates blood pressure and significantly reduces the chances of a heart attack.

Cycling is a complete “exercise” for your heart, blood vessels and lungs.

6.Keeps your joints healthy

Cycling is a cardiovascular activity that reduces friction and load on joints, unlike physical activities like aerobics or running. The chances of injury are minimal; given the fact that even ordinary walk activates the knees more. If you have problems with your knees, do not doubt that cycling is the right solution for you.

7.It provides better sleep

Cycling provides you with energy during the day and at the same time it helps you to sleep like a baby at night. Quality sleep is one of the key factors for the body and mind to be relaxed, to have fresh appearance and to get rid of excess weight. However, experts advise to look at the time when you ride a bike, or to avoid riding it about 4 hours before bedtime.

8.Increases concentration and stimulates the brain

Morning “fuzziness” of mind immediately after waking up can be easily cleared with cycling for several minutes. The rotation of the pedals significantly improves the blood circulation in the feet and in the brain, improving the brain function and concentration.

While riding your bike, you get a chance to organize your thoughts and to get rid of negative energy

9.Makes you look younger

Cycling will simply make you feel and look younger. Like any other physical activity and regular cycling will make your skin shiny and lift, and your body more attractive. The truth is that you will fully enjoy while riding your bike which will create a sincere smile on your face.

10.Improves sex life

Bringing the body in top shape by cycling will not only make you feel sexy, but also balances the level of so-called sex hormones in the body.

Although most studies suggest that physical activity is directly linked to endorphins, though undoubtedly affects the sex hormones as well like testosterone for example. Women who are in good physical shape have delayed menopause. “What is good for your heart is good for your sex life as well.”

11.An excellent social and family activity

One of the best things about cycling is that you can do it alone, as well as together with your loved ones.

Cycling is a great social activity that will provide you with quality and fun while socializing with friends or family members.

And best of all – it’s free. You do not have to invest a lot of money to spend your free time with friends and have a lot of fun. This is a sport in which the whole family can enjoy.

12.Saves the planet

Replace your car with a bicycle whenever you have a chance. Be an example for your community by using this alternative means of transport. You will help in preserving the environment and you will contribute to reducing the air pollution. In addition, you save time and money and in the same time you avoid traffic jams.